Rak! Chazak! Amats!

I study Hebrew, the ancient language of the Bible. And it’s truly fascinating! Did you know it takes many words in the English language to explain one of the living letters of Hebrew. Today I want to show a quick video on the words “RAK CHAZAK and AMATS “. I think they are truly relevant in this hour!!

Folks, the enemy of your soul and mine, the enemy of this Great Nation, and of the Nations of the world has been subtle. He has lured us to sleep the last 50 years, while we let him creep into every area of our life. He has been patient and cunning. Lulling us through movies, sports, business, and social media. While we have been completely distracted just “living our lives”, he has taken over literally every area of society. The High Places of Family, Religion, Education, Business, Government, Media, Arts and Entertainment. It is the TRUE virus. There are principalities at the tops of these Mountains, and it is up to us to take them out!

We are in a spiritual WAR. It is time for the Remnant to Rise and Shine!

Isaiah 60 talks about this. “Darkness has covered the earth. Thick darkness is over all the nations of the earth. But the glory of the Lord rises and appears over you. All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see your radiance.” Now is the hour to RISE UP AND TAKE UP OUR BATTLE STATIONS.

Please watch my latest From the Heart… And let the video at the end inspire you!


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One thought on “Rak! Chazak! Amats!

  1. Hello Amy..
    Just came across this video..
    Thought you might enjoy its
    Does his preaching sound familiar?
    Here is the link.

    Amy. Check out my website kink..
    Keep them coming.
    Billy Ray


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