He IS Speaking. You ARE Hearing. I’ll Show You….

As I was preparing for my next series of broadcasts, I was listening for what the Lord wants to say. This is what He said… “Many don’t realize that I am speaking to them. They are searching for me, yet don’t realize they have already found me. It is I who caused them to search!”

Hearing the voice of God is imperative in this hour. Yet, so many wonder if God still speaks today, or even more importantly, if God will speak to them…

I can assure you, if you are reading this blog, then God DOES speak to you! Otherwise you would not be seeking anything on The Sealed Book channel, or on my website. God LED you here. Make no mistake! That’s good news because as you LEAN IN to the still small voice that encouraged you to read this, and to watch the accompanying video, then it means that God is not only speaking to you, but that He DESIRES to speak to you more! And He calls you “Friend.”

God Bless Your Search,
Amy Sever

Please watch my latest “From the Heart”…


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One thought on “He IS Speaking. You ARE Hearing. I’ll Show You….

  1. I would like to get the Healy but have a few questions. I can’t find answers to. Is there an app
    Monthly charge to run the Healy programs? If so how much is it? It has bad reviews and I see a lot of complaints about the resonance app being down. Does this happen often? Is there a customer support number that can answer my questions? No one replies to my questions in the fb or YouTube groups.


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