This Evil is being Exposed… Worldwide!

Our Second Event was also a success! Even more people are now aware of what is going on, and has been going on for DECADES. It means more people now know what to do if they suspect Sex/Child-Trafficking in their area.

It also means more people know the names and have seen the proof of the involvement of many high people in the government, industry, Hollywood, and yes, even the church… Well-known pastors and evangelists involved in sex-trafficking and sex-slavery… including torture… and it’s been happening for decades.

I am one of thousands in the current fight to expose this evil. And it’s happening fast!

Our next event is this Sunday, July 18th, in Lubbock, Texas where I will be showing you again. AND I will again be showing you what you can do to help spread the word. Details for Sunday’s event are below. If you are anywhere in West Texas, please register at to secure your seat. It’s from 1pm to 5pm CST. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

Our “For Such a Time As This” Events are full of explosive, eye-opening information that is truly life changing! And we are connecting a LOT of like-minded people.

If you can’t attend, please share this “From the Heart” with everyone you know. And Please watch it until the very end. The POWERFUL footage at the end is an actual rescue. THE WAR IS REAL.

In His Grip,
Amy Sever

3 thoughts on “This Evil is being Exposed… Worldwide!

  1. This travesty has been going on for decades by powerful people. These evil predators are going to be exposed for their crimes against humanity and will be punished to the full extent of the law.


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