It’s Time. I’m Very Serious.

To My Sealed Book Family…

I’m not going to try and explain this one to you. Literally ALL of God’s present day Prophets are saying the same thing right now.

And God has always been steadfast to His Truths… One of which is, He never does something without first telling His Prophets.

Watch this “From the Heart”… I’ll let God explain it to you through one of our favorite Prophets. You should take this word very seriously.

In His Grip,

One thought on “It’s Time. I’m Very Serious.

  1. Amy, I want to Thank you so much for helping me find my way back to the Lord. You are a very special lady. I wish I could come for your gathering on the 8th. I have my beautiful necklace that I wear every day. God Bless you for.


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