New Date For The Event!

***THIS EVENT HAS CHANGE TO SEPTEMER 19TH*** (This date change from September 5th to September 19th was beyond our control… Some good news is, we MAY be able to Live Stream the event)

When I look around at many churches today, I see – just as it says in the Gospels – that not only CAN the very elect be deceived… But they ARE actively being deceived right now, while The Great Deception is underway…

Yet, too many actually believe it is still yet to come! That’s part of the deception. I hope you can make it to my next event Sunday, September 19th!

The Great Deception is just one thing we’ll be discussing. We’ll also talk about
1. The vaccines… What you NEED to know.
2. Sex Trafficking…where did it begin… And how deep and wide-spread is it…
3. You’ll see more proof and truth concerning adrenochrome harvesting…
4. We are going to carefully explain to you who, or should I say ‘what’ is behind Q…
5. What is Frazzledrip? You may not be able to sleep when you find out.
6. Where is all of this headed? And how will it all end?
7. AND most important… We’ll show you what you can do about all of this… Exactly how to do it… And why it will work SO well! Register now at, before it fills up! And I’ll see you Sunday!

In His Grip,
Amy Sever

Please watch the latest “From the Heart”

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