Giving Day?

We heard today – Tuesday Nov 30th – is Giving Day. We didn’t know about it… But you probably can’t imagine how much we appreciate you for supporting The Sealed Book Ministry!

Our story is simple… As covid hit – and knowing the bigger truth about what was happening – I left my career of 20+ years to do this ministry. Steve’s business would be enough… but his business is based on producing and voicing large, live events nationwide. And suddenly that was almost completely gone too. Not to worry… we’ve always been entrepreneurial, so we’ve managed. But the bottom line is that YOU make this ministry work… by viewing, listening, sharing, and contributing.

Please learn more at and and thank you for considering supporting us.

The battle is real. And we are committed to staying on the frontlines.

Thank you,
Amy Sever

2 thoughts on “Giving Day?

  1. Good morning Amy,

    My name is Audrey, and the Lord has been laying on my heart for months to reach out to you. I am not quite sure why as of yet, but I know he will make it know to me in time. I appreciate all that you do, and please know that it is making an impact.

    Blessings, Audrey

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