Does This Photo Make Sense?

This picture is an example of what your family’s protection looks like when you are walking in alignment.

…In other words, when your Spirit is controlling your Soul.

On the other hand, when your Soul is controlling your Spirit, that protection goes away. AND your communication with the Father is also seriously hampered… not because He’s not talking or because you’re not trying to listen… But because your Soul is blocking the communication.

There are several things that can hamper your ability to hear the Holy Spirit… Having a Soul Tie with someone other than who you are currently with right now, is a big one. But guess what? The Bible gives us instructions on how to undo every Soul Tie from your past… no matter how long ago. If those ties have never been cut, they are still affecting you.

I want you to join me for my 3Rs Online Retreat. This is where we fix that… and more.

Invest in yourself by registering here:

And watch my latest From the Heart for more.
In His Grip,

2 thoughts on “Does This Photo Make Sense?

  1. Amy I just want to tell you what a blessing you and The Sealed Book are to me. Love the Bible study and your words of encouragement. May God Bless you.


  2. Amy, I would love to attend if you do this again after February.  That weekend we are celebrating two birthdays and I won’t be able to attend, but wow, thank you for making this available, and at such a reasonable price.   Thank you, Leslie  


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