SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever

SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever.

Juan O Savin was in attendance for President Trump’s announcement on November 15th at Mar-a-Lago. I was able to catch him in the airport the very next day. It was his very first interview after Trump’s announcement. This is that 45 minute conversation… Buckle up!

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2 thoughts on “SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever

  1. Amy, you have Juan O Savin on your program tonight. This is the first time I’m watching your video & it will be the last time. If you have listened to Jaun before, you should already know that he talks a lot because he has a lot of information to share. You kept interrupting him & therefore, lost the opportunity to have heard a lot more info. If you have him as your guest speaker, nobody listening is interested in your opinions, you may be smart, however, nobody cares what you,Amy , think . They have tuned in to hear Jaun O Savin has to say. You derailed the several times what Jaun was talking about. I would be very surprised if he would do your program again. I know I wouldn’t. Maybe try to listen more than you talk. I realize this is part of your business or platform, & probably do really well overall, however, let the spotlite shine on your guest.


    1. Juan is actually a dear, close friend. Right now, he is primarily in charge of disinformation in this war. I was pushing him to stay on track with the information our “awake” Patriots need.

      Juan understood that and is anxious to continue, which he will… If there’s time. If you want to hear him go on and on uninterrupted, you might want to watch any of my other interviews with him at AmySever.com.

      This war is incredibly deceiving. It requires a lot of reading between the lines. In The Sealed Book, we keep our people informed and on track.

      I hope you’ll continue to tune-in and stay informed.



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