SPECIAL EDITION Juan O Savin Interview

Juan O Savin talks with me about the Brunson Brothers, and their case before the Supreme Court right now that could literally overturn the U.S. government and expose EVERYTHING!

This is a Powerfully Informative interview!
Enjoy it!

~ Amy

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One thought on “SPECIAL EDITION Juan O Savin Interview

  1. Hi Amy.
    Thanks for all you do. I also read on Derrick Johnson that this probably won’t amount to anything as we are engaged in the war manual.
    There is so many conflicting messages out there it’s hard to figure it all out.
    But like you’ve said Gods time and all will pan out.
    Perhaps we can focus more on the scriptures and your teachings. Of course news is good but learning from Gods words is even better. We’ve been left out of so much in “church” it’s refreshing to finally get the truth.
    I do believe your a bridge for us to get true teachings
    Thanks again
    Bonnie Evans


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