Hi Sealed Book family,

As you know, my daily broadcast is my life.  I teach Truth.  Whish is harder and harder to come by these days.

Because of this quest for truth, we have begun to learn the sickening reality about the cabal’s goals for humanity, and all the ways they have slowly poisoned us through cancer causing ingredients in our air, food, water, home cleaning products, etc.  It’s no longer conspiracy.  They can no longer hide it.

As a result, I have a mandate from the Lord to take better care of my health in 2023 and to teach the same. To detox often and supplement, as our food supply is compromised… and to begin removing all known carcinogens from our home.

As I prayed about all of this, the Lord kept bringing to mind a couple in our Sealed Book Family, Josee and John Waller.  They are precious people – parents to 10 amazing kids – and you may remember they did a Christmas Worship Night for us!  John will also be leading worship at our Family Reunion in March!

I asked them why I kept hearing their name in my spirit about detoxing?  It didn’t make sense to me.  And then I found out… They belong to a company with ALL of these products. And the name of the company is “Q Sciences”…  Q…  Interesting.

Just a quick note before I continue… If you are a kind of person that believes everything in life should be free, and it’s inappropriate for you to make money while helping others do the same…  Then you may want to stop here.  Because everything in life costs money – in fact, more now than ever – and people helping each other is the absolute smartest thing we can do.

So, I flew out and met the product formulator, Ann-Celeste Billings. I talked to the Owner and the President. I researched. And let me just say, after Steve & I spent 25 years in the Health & Wellness industry, building teams and training all over the world, we know good from bad… And my research was exhaustive.

What I am NOT saying… is we’re going to start building this business.  The Sealed Book is a fulltime commitment… And nothing changes that.  I am planted here to teach the Word as it pertains to the world today.  Something I will most likely be doing until Jesus returns.

What I AM saying…
 is if you want to clean the toxins out of your body and your world, I believe this is an excellent way to do it.  And you can make some extra money at it IF that is your desire.  It’s not complicated.

That said, I am excited to announce that this company has the correct line of products for Steve and I, as well as our children and grandchildren.  And so, I’ve made it available for our Sealed Book Family!  If you want to switch any of your current buying habits, then YOU will benefit and it will help The Sealed Book in a small way.  You can learn about these products in this attached interview… HERE.

My focus will never change from freely giving of myself fulltime, showing the world how ALL scripture is relating DIRECTLY to what is going on in the world TODAY! THAT is how The Sealed Book was born. And we’ve been supported by our Gift Shop and some kind donations along the way for the past 3 years… and we’re still only getting started!  Because what God IS doing and IS ABOUT to do on the earth is AMAZING!

So, I AM NOT building the business… But some of you may want to because this is the best I’ve seen in 25 years. If that’s you, then Josee & John Waller are committed to helping you in every way! You will be in capable hands! This may be exactly what you have been praying for.  You can join the Telegram “Q Sciences Business Chat” below.  You can talk to Josee and learn more there.

As for me… I know these products are exactly what I need for a New Me in ’23!!
There is also a Telegram “Q Sciences Products Chat” below where you can learn more.

I Love You All,
Amy Sever


SHOP: http://qsciences.com/store/thesealedbook

Telegram Chat for Q SCIENCES PRODUCTS: https://t.me/+iGJ-suYEm5hlODA5

Telegram Chat for Q SCIENCES BUSINESS: https://t.me/+p0naBeTS0hc1ODA5

4 thoughts on “A “New Me In ’23” SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Thank you for posting your interview with Ann. I am interested in Q Sciences and hope to purchase several in the near future. I am a nutritionist and always looking into the supplements that are coming out in the market. I am so glad to see products like these.

    I heard you mention Garden of Life. I took them for some time until I researched and found that The Nestle Corp. owns them and the Vatican owns Nestle…so I stopped taking them. Standard Process products and Biotics are very good whole food products which also have a great selection.

    I watch your post every evening, Amy, and I love the variety of clips you show. Keep up the wonderful work you and Steve are doing.

    Many blessings of encouragement and strength to you,

    Constance Michael


  2. Hello Amy I hope you are doing well I am fine. I did watch part of your “New Me In ’23” I have been practicing this routine Yes this is very good — The largest organ of your body is your skin.

    Hugs and Blessings to you and yours Happy 2023 🙂 Judith


  3. Michael Heiser, PHD…He has a doctorate in the oldest Hebrew language and explains this so well just as you Amy….please check him out….God led me to the book of Enoch and later to this man….my eyes were opened to the profound things of God…I love when we go on a journey with Jesus and we discover little roads that take us to big beautiful things we’ve never seen before….Oh what a day it will be when Jesus we shall see.


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