…from Amy Sever

What is “New Me in 2023”?

“In keeping with our ‘New Me In 2023!’ campaign, I am all about defeating the enemy’s attack on us. We are under attack spiritually… and my life is fully devoted to showing you every day, how to defeat him in your life. The enemy cannot defeat us spiritually. So, he has attacked us through our environment – what we eat and what we breathe. If you don’t believe that, watch the chem-trails in the skies above your home for a week, and start studying the ingredients on your store bought food. After 25+ years studying nutrition, I can tell you there are many companies that can supply you with better nutrition than what you can find in any store. I can also tell you I believe Q Sciences is one of the very best. We have chosen to start using these products daily for our home and our health. If you would like to do the same, Josee & John Waller are the ideal couple to lead the way for The Sealed Book Family! I encourage you to take complete control of your life.” ~ Amy

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