The Sealed Book Family Reunion is Almost Here!

WATCH my latest FROM THE HEART! March 10th, 11th & 12th at The Rock City Event Center in Lubbock, Texas It’s all about “ORIGINS”! Including SO much we can’t talk about in the daily broadcast… Some because of time constraints and some because of censorship. But, when we are together in one big room behindContinue reading “The Sealed Book Family Reunion is Almost Here!”

The Sealed Book Family Reunion Registration!

This Family Reunion is titled “ORIGINS” because we will be discussing the origins of so many things.There is SO much we can’t talk about in the daily broadcast… Some because of time constraints and some because of censorship. But, when we are together in one big room behind closed doors, with plenty of time… We can go deepContinue reading “The Sealed Book Family Reunion Registration!”


Hi Sealed Book family, As you know, my daily broadcast is my life.  I teach Truth.  Whish is harder and harder to come by these days. Because of this quest for truth, we have begun to learn the sickening reality about the cabal’s goals for humanity, and all the ways they have slowly poisoned usContinue reading “A “New Me In ’23” SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!”

A Message from Amy Sever about The 3Rs Online Retreat!

The Next 3Rs Online Retreat is January 20th-22nd, 2023! There are several things that can hamper your ability to hear the Holy Spirit… Having a Soul Tie with someone other than who you are currently with right now, is a BIG one. But guess what? The Bible gives us instructions on how to undo everyContinue reading “A Message from Amy Sever about The 3Rs Online Retreat!”

SPECIAL EDITION Juan O Savin Interview

Juan O Savin talks with me about the Brunson Brothers, and their case before the Supreme Court right now that could literally overturn the U.S. government and expose EVERYTHING! This is a Powerfully Informative interview! it! ~ Amy FOLLOW US on TRUTH SOCIAL!@AmySever @SteveSever @TheSealedBook “Thank You” to those that prefer to support this ministryContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION Juan O Savin Interview”

SPECIAL EDITION Dr Peter McCullough Interview

11/28/22Dr. Peter McCullough has conducted several studies on running and heart disease, and co-described the term Pheidippides cardiomyopathy, a heart condition found in some high endurance athletes. McCullough’s other research projects have included the relationship between heart disease and kidney disease and risk factors for heart disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, McCullough advocated for earlyContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION Dr Peter McCullough Interview”

SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever

11/16/22SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever. Juan O Savin was in attendance for President Trump’s announcement on November 15th at Mar-a-Lago. I was able to catch him in the airport the very next day. It was his very first interview after Trump’s announcement. This is that 45 minute conversation… Buckle up! PleaseContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION: Juan O Savin Interview with Amy Sever”

The Sealed Book Israel Trip is LIVE!

JOIN US FOR A ZOOM Q&A TONIGHT at 8PM US CST! JOIN US FOR THIS TRIP OF A LIFETIME TO ISRAEL!March 10th – 19th, 2023The cost is $3980 per person(…based on double occupancy.) Your trip includes far more than any other Holy Land tour, based on price. Plus, you’ll receive extremely insightful knowledge atContinue reading “The Sealed Book Israel Trip is LIVE!”