“The Three Rs” by Amy Sever

“Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul & Reconstructing the Body”

Your Guide to a Courageous, Radical Life Makeover

“The Three Rs”

by Amy Sever

The Prologue

As I walked along the path back to my cabin that night, I reflected on the last several days of my special trip.  My long black dress stuck to my legs in the hot, humid air of the Dominican Republic.  I could smell the sea air, mixed with the hibiscus flowers that lined the path.  The full moon was casting a soft white glow on the palm trees and rocks along the trail back from the resort pub and dance floor. The place of my dream vacation was an all-inclusive resort, and my family was at the end of our week in paradise.  This trip was my reward for graduating from high school with honors and the first real vacation we had taken as a family since the sudden and tragic death of my twin brother six years earlier.

On October 7th, 1984, I watched in horror as my twin brother fell 48 feet onto a concrete floor directly in front of me.  It was two weeks before our 13th birthday.  Time stood still as I watched the life ebb from my beloved brother, lying there on the floor.  Jeff’s death had almost ripped apart our family. It had altered each of our lives dramatically.  We would never have survived that tragedy as a family, had we not leaned heavily on God.  We all knew Jeff believed in Jesus as Savior and Lord, and he was in Heaven. Even though I knew I would see him again someday, Jeff’s death had profoundly affected me.  At first, I was extremely suicidal.  Jeff was my twin.  He and I had an incredible relationship.  I can’t remember us ever having a cross word.  He was my very best friend and my confidant.  He was my other half!  As I saw his life slipping away that day, I felt like half of me was dying.  I could think of nothing else but that I wanted to be with him… 

As the hours turned to days, weeks and months, I forced the suicidal thoughts aside, and grew close to the Lord instead.  I became a spiritual rock for my family.  I held my family together in that first year, and every Sunday I was the first one up and dressed.  I had my Bible in my hand and waited for my parents to take me to church.  Eventually, the healing hands of time had gently begun to allow us to live again.  Through the years, my family became more stable.  I had been a good daughter to my parents.  I had never wanted to see them hurt again.  I made sure that I would always contribute positively in every way. I had always been a great student and never gave them any trouble.

…On this night though, I was a bit ashamed at how what I thought was innocent flirting with Julius had seemed to become more sexual.  The dark dance floor was full of people as Julius pulled me into his strong body. And although I was taken aback, I allowed it.  As a tingle went up my spine, I was surprised that I even enjoyed the “almost dangerous” attention.  I was 18, and beginning to realize that older men were attracted to me.

Five days earlier, on the afternoon of our arrival, Julius was giving the orientation to the resort.  As he spoke to the new group of travelers, I noticed that he was eyeing me intently.  He seemed fixated, and I felt flattered.  He was obviously someone in charge and it made me feel special. 

He and I had been flirting all week.  He was much older than I was, and I was definitely intrigued. There was something about him that fascinated me.  He seemed a bit reckless.  As I moved with him on the dance floor this final night, he pulled me into his hips and kissed me hard.  At that moment, I realized I was glad it would be the last time I was in proximity to this dark stranger with newly aggressive lips and hands.  I was embarrassed at the thought of my dad or older brother walking into that little dance pub and seeing me acting so out of character.  I left the club that night feeling a little cheap.

Suddenly,  I was grabbed from behind.  An arm reached around my throat.  As I choked, I heard Julius’ low, growling voice, “You’ve been teasing me all week sweetheart.  Now it is time to pay up!” I couldn’t move.  I tasted the salt of his sweaty palm as he clasped my mouth to keep me from screaming, and felt the cold blade of the knife at my throat.  Fear gripped me as I looked around desperately trying to see someone, anyone!  No one was near.  The beautiful moonlit path full of flowers and trees was completely empty.  They would be the only witnesses of my silent pleas for help…

This book contains the KEYS to my journey from suicidal, depressed and overweight, and overcoming multiple rapes… all the way to FREEDOM! And then creating a ministry to help others find the same freedom. KEYS that don’t just mask the pain… KEYS that Restore YOU!

I understand these KEYS very well… And I can help YOU have them.”
~ Amy Sever

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