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Abolish Slavery

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WHAT CAN SHE DO? She was betrayed by everyone she ever trusted. Now her life has spiraled into a place so dark… all hope is gone.

SHE IS CERTAIN there is no God. But even if there is, He doesn’t care about her.

SHE CAN’T KNOW God works through you… Unless we get the chance to show her.

Will You Please Help Us Be That Chance?

AMY SEVER INTERNATIONAL is not a For-Profit company. Every penny goes to fund the clothing effort, and the ministry… nothing is wasted. Nor is ASI a Non-Profit 501C3. Why? Because, to maintain a 501C3 status there are too many things we can’t talk about. And we can promise you, the god of this world does not approve of this ministry. Hopefully that is the strongest statement of credibility we can have with you.

OUR NEEDS are specific. While much of the clothing is donated, there are still some pieces that must be purchased in order to complete a new, small wardrobe for someone. For donated pieces, there are cleaning costs, re-packaging costs, and the cost to purchase and sew the amulet and a label of explanation into the inside of each piece. Every amulet is anointed and prayed over for the protection of the person wearing it… and while that is something that doesn’t incur a cost, it is something Our Father honors, and takes very seriously.

THE MINISTRY is about deliverance. This isn’t the silly stuff of movies. The deliverance we do literally restores a person’s soul, and is the most powerful, freeing, and impactful experience they can have after undergoing such tremendous abuse. Most churches in America shy away from deliverance. We embrace it. But it does require costs… mostly with travel to our many partner entities around the US that handle After Care for the thousands of victims rescued each year.

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