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Our Passion is Shining a Light on the Hidden Things.

We show scriptural proof that God is in control of everything you’re seeing happen in the world today.

And right now, our primary focus is creating a safe
place for recovered victims of sex slavery.

If you only knew what is really going on around you.
Please take the journey with us…


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05/26 LOBSTR / Sound of Freedom / The Tiffany Blue Box / Nerualink / Communion!

Michelle Moore Interview with Amy Sever

You can also find us every day on RUMBLE (with comments) and on TELEGRAM (with comments).

Including Michelle Moore, Dr. Scott Young, Juan O Savin, J6ers, Banners4Freedom, Lara Logan, Gene Ho…

The Archives Page contains many of the Broadcasts previously found on YouTube.
This is where you’ll find Episodes on “NESARA/GESARA”, “Enoch”, “Angels”, “Nephilim”, “Your DNA…” and The Special 9-Day Israel Tour with Amy Sever!

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02/03 A NEW, GREAT, QUICK Q Sciences Overview
with Josee & John Waller!

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