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Many of The Sealed Book Original Episodes

This is the original banner for The Sealed Book from March 19th of 2020.

A Brief History of The Sealed Book Broadcasts

The Sealed Book began March 19th of 2020 as a YouTube Channel and Facebook Group which quickly grew to over 20,000 people. One of the reasons it grew so quickly was because of the “Units” each new person was asked to watch. Then Facebook deleted all the accounts of our family – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Vimeo – on January 23rd of 2021. What were they afraid of? You can find out, because those same Units can be found right now at Those units will open anyone’s eyes. We continued the ministry on YouTube only. Then when it reached over 16,000 people, we were permanently banned there as well. That was December 27th of 2021. So… we created a new YouTube Channel. PLEASE go there and subscribe so others can discover The Sealed Book. But also be aware that the broadcasts we put on the new YouTube channel are edited so they won’t be censored. You’ll always find the full, unedited broadcasts here at

Below are some of the original key episodes from The Sealed Book:

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The Beginning

The Book of Enoch



Time Travel & Pentecost


The Review


The Storm and How It All Began

Accessing The Courts of Heaven

Your DNA: The Battle of The Cosmos

The Truth About Freemasonry

“All The King’s Horses and All The King’s Men”
The Truth About The Humpty Dumpty Institute

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