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The Archives Page (Click above) contains many of the Broadcasts previously found on YouTube. This is where you’ll find Episodes on “Enoch”, “Angels”, “Nephilim”, “Your DNA…” and more.

01/19 Super Soldiers?! The parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13 is RELEVANT right now!

Have you seen what a Super Soldier can do? Intimacy with the Trinity (Father, Son Holy Spirit) is critical in this hour. The world is shaking, and we have to be able to know His Plans. (MORE)

01/18 Things are NOT as they Seem / Volcano in Tonga? / Jesus loved to stir things Up!

We are witnessing the systematic dismantling of all that we thought was reality. And the Lord is right in the middle of it! (MORE)

01/17 What’s going on at the White House? Interesting video footage from last night!

YouTubers… Thank You for always coming to to watch the uncensored version of the News! Especially today! Jesus gave the disciples authority to Heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the good news of the Kingdom. It is at hand! Let’s Go! (MORE)

01/14 Special Broadcast with Glenn Polk on the Deception of Masonry. He was a 33rd Degree Mason. Communion!

This is a very special (and Longer) broadcast. My dad and I have an in depth conversation about the deception of Masonry. I was able to ask questions we all want to know. Please watch until the end. (MORE)

01/13 The Desperate Faith of Matthew 9 is fast approaching in the US. Miracles Incoming!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. “She is not dead, but asleep.” Matthew 9:24 Those words intrigue me, because Jesus’ version of death and ours is obviously different. I pray for the day when we have the faith that He did! (MORE)

01/12 Earthquake in China / Portions of Great Wall Collapse / Jesus knew their thoughts

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Cardionosis is the ability to know the thoughts of others. Jesus did this all the time. It was one of his “Superpowers”…and one of ours! Ready for It? (MORE)

01/11 Two videos in today’s News Portion on! The World is waking up! And YOU Can Help!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Jesus calmed the storm, because he knew he had an appointment on the other side of the lake with the demoniac. He slept through the storm…Meanwhile, we need to take a lesson on casting demons out of people… Not tolerating torment. (MORE)

01/10 A VERY important prophecy on! The News is Crazy… God is Sovereign!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Angels saved Lot and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. There is about to be an explosion of supernatural healing across the world. Get ready! (MORE)

01/06 Genesis 6 and Matthew 24:37 are VERY RELEVANT today. Hybrids are real!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is waking up to how amazing (and relevant the Word of God actually is. Nephilim were on the earth in Genesis 6. And Afterward…And again in Matthew 24:37″ For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.” (MORE)

01/05 If Eve begat Cain & Abel, and Cain killed Abel, then who was Cain’s wife in the Land of Nod?

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. It always has. The World is waking up to how amazing (and relevant) the Word of God actually is. Did you know that Cain was Enoch’s father? Enoch…the guy who walked with God and “was no more”. Lots going on here… (MORE)

01/04 News: Go watch Tucker Carlson last night / Genesis 1 – Gap Theory? / Bible Codes!

There are always things going on under the surface. Did you know there is a whole code under the “plain text” of the Bible? Just like there is a system of tunnels all over the world, Under the plain text of the Torah there are hidden messages crisscrossing the Torah. Fascinating! Hidden codes everywhere… (MORE)

01/03 Year in Review / Goals for 2022 / Psalm 1 / Time to Seek Wisdom!

We’ve all been through the most tumultuous year of our lives! 2022 will catapult us into unprecedented changes. It is imperative that we prioritize our walk with the Lord. He is “Opening the Sealed Book” and revealing things we’ve never seen before. And it is directly tied to what we are seeing in the world. Buckle Up! (MORE)

December 2021

12/31 Exposure! / 2021-We made it! / Revelation 21: God will wipe away every tear / Communion!

Revelation 21 speaks of a new Heaven and a new Earth. God has been shaking everything… So that what cannot be shaken will remain. And YOU made it!
PLEASE go to our new YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE so others can find us… Thank You! (MORE)

12/30 Psalm 149 has secrets. We can decree, praise, and execute judgment through spiritual weapons!

If the Sons and Daughters of God actually knew how powerful we really are, we would spend more time in Praise. It is a spiritual weapon. And this whole thing is spiritual! And We are on the front lines. (MORE)

12/29 Rev 18:23 -“Sorcery” is Pharmakeia: Demons validate it! But The Blood of Jesus trumps ALL!

We are all losing people to this war. It is a real war, only the bullets are “shot” differently. However we CAN recover ourselves! (2 Timothy 2:26 )
It is imperative that we repent, and are in the palm of His hand. Rev.19…We win! (MORE)

12/28 Permanently banned on YouTube. Share! Revelation 18 Mystery Babylon / Pharmakeia (Sorcery)

Revelation 18 speaks of the city of Babylon being destroyed in an hour. It also says that all the nations were deceived by her “sorcery”. That word in Greek is “Pharmakeia”-the use of medicine, drugs, and spells. Witchcraft. I believe we are watching that happen with this vaccine. (MORE)

12/27 I got permanently banned from YouTube today. Jan 6 Trump speaks / Gesara / Project Odin / EBS

Zechariah shows us a picture of the other story taking place in the unseen realm. It is more real than the Matrix we are living in. Now more than ever, we are experiencing the reality of the HOSTS of Heaven. The Lord of Hosts is active and so are they! Heaven is for real, and so are its inhabitants. (MORE)

12/24 Special Christmas Broadcast! Meet my Family! Psalm 147, and Communion!

We are home for Christmas. Hear from my folks, Meet Steve’s new puppy, Piano and Communion. This one is special! I want to share my special family with you for Christmas… Twila Grace at 10 Months Old, when she sees my twin brother’s portrait. (Jeff has been in Heaven for 37 years now)… (MORE)

12/23 UNEDITED NEWS at / Habakkuk 2:2 Write the VISION down… (it WORKS)!

I believe this is about to be the Bride’s Finest Hour! (Notice I didn’t say “Church”). The Lord is looking for those He can partner with. Dust off your dreams and write them down….” So that a herald may run with it…” Things are about to get very interesting! (MORE)

12/22 Rev 12 happened! Job 38:31-33 is relevant now! Pleiadians, Arcturians, Bands of Orion?!

I believe the Book of Revelation is both literal and allegorical. Revelation 12 speaks of a woman that gives birth. This chapter is a marvelous “Sign in the Heavens” that happened on September 23, 2017. It had not happened for 2000 years! We are close to things changing radically!! Things are about to get very interesting! The Heavens are “pouring forth speech day and night…” (MORE)

12/21 Beast of Revelation at United Nations in NY?! / The Two Witnesses Elijah and Moses? / Trial is OVER?!

The Unedited Version is on Please go there for the news and a VERY relevant video on the Real Spiritual War. I believe the Book of Revelation is both literal and allegorical. Revelation 11 speaks of two witnesses. I believe there is a very real possibility that they are Moses and Elijah. Things are about to get very interesting! (MORE)

12/20 Sale on Amulets / Health Ministers / Isaiah 60-61 / Jonah’s Story!

The Unedited Version is on Please go there for the news and a VERY relevant video on the Real Spiritual War. Jonah is an example of so many of us. We are angry at God. And…He can handle it. Micah 3 speaks to the CURRENT situation in America. (MORE)

12/17 We are Back! / My Mystery Guest / Sound of Freedom- WOW! / Communion!

We had dinner with an amazing person! Listen to find out who. The movie, ‘Sound of Freedom” with Jim Caveziel will be much like “The Passion of the Christ”. The Highest Grossing film of all time. And The Sealed Book has a chance to be part of it! Listen to the end for details… (MORE)

12/16 Volcanoes in Alaska / CNN Arrests / Airlines Evaluate Mask Mandate / Revelation 4!

Isaiah 2 tells us that in the Last Days Many will say, “Let us GO UP to the Mountain of the Lord and be taught by HIM.” Paul did it. The apostle John did it. And so can we. It is imperative that we have “Heaven’s perspective.” (MORE)

12/15 TRUTH Social …and Rumble? YES! / Earthquakes in Oregon / I have a Surprise Friday!

Revelation 5 speaks of all kinds of beings. The four living Creatures, the 24 Elders, and Thousands and Millions of Angels. All those in Heaven and on Earth and Under the Earth and in the Sea will sing, “To him who sits on the throne and to the lamb be praise and honor and glory and power for ever and ever!” (MORE)

12/14/21 Human DNA / AI / Robots w/Extraordinary Strength / Book of Joel 2 talks of an army of Super Soldiers. Did you know this?

Robotic Super Soldiers with Artificial Intelligence. What could possibly go wrong?? Angels are here as well…Folks, we are entering into a time of Earth’s history where the forces of good and evil are clashing both in the natural and supernatural realms. There is a coming separation of the wicked and the righteous. The Lord is about to STEP IN. Part 2 with video… (MORE)

12/13/21 The Book of Joel talks of an army of Super Soldiers. It’s time to Turn to the Lord!

We are entering into a time of Earth’s history where the Supernatural will be common. There is a coming separation of the wicked and the righteous. The Lord is about to STEP IN. Part 1… (MORE)

12/10 Smollett Convicted / Gizzy trial Halts / 646 Earthquakes in China 2021 / Plumber awarded 20k!

Psalm 139 is amazing. Ask the Lord to search your heart and know you. He will guide you away from dangerous paths/people. Jude : There are evil shepherds that have slipped in among the church. Jude tells us so much more than what we have been taught. Mixing of Fallen Angels, Nephilim (half-breeds) genetically altered flesh IS IN THE CHURCH. We have to use discernment. It is all coming out into the open. Brace for impact! (MORE)

12/09 Evergrande defaults / Vacks Mandate Blocked by Fed Judge / CEOs Stepping Down!

Psalm 139 is amazing. To think that the Lord KNEW us before we came to Earth. He knit us together perfectly in our Mother’s womb. All of our days were numbered before our first day. There is forgiveness and grace…Please listen! (MORE)

12/08 Internet down? / Blackwater – Owner of Fox, CNN, All Moderna, Pfizer, etc worth $10 Trillion!

Psalm 139 reminds us that He is THERE. In the darkness. He will never leave you. 1 John 4 -Test the spirits. Not every spirit is from God. If they don’t claim Jesus came in the flesh, they are not of God, but of the antichrist spirit. Already at work within the world. (MORE)

12/07 Earthquakes in China / Devin Nunez CEO of TRUTH SOCIAL / GM trial-CDs and Hard Drives!

Yahweh is a God of Mercy and Justice. The door to repentance is closing. Judgment and Glory are coming. There is no time for apathy. Draw near to Him, Now. His heart is turned toward you! (MORE)

12/06 Gizzy Trial continues to expose / Fully Vaxed Cruise Ship Covid Breakout / John 17!

We are God’s children. We do not need “man” to teach us. We can go straight to the Throne of Grace. Jesus came so that we are one with Him. He prays for us. The Creator of the Universe CAME to set you FREE! (MORE)

12/3 Is Giz M really in DC? / Kamala’s staff steps down / CEO Resignations / Daniel 10 / Communion!

The war on Planet Earth is spilling out into mainstream. Even those that are in “Deep Sleep” Can now see it. But it is much greater. It is Cosmic. Princes, Rulers and Kings are all fighting as well. The book of Daniel gives us great insight as to how our prayers affect the Spiritual Realm. They are fighting FOR US!! (MORE)

12/02 Underwater Tunnels / Daniel-Writing on the wall / False Prophets Uncovered!

A reminder of crazy Biblical scenarios that are about to be played out. DEWs, Rods of God will be active! The Bible is so Relevant! 2 Peter 2 speaks of false prophets that have secretly infiltrated the church, bringing destructive heresies. But they are coming to swift destruction. Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Present day…all having sex with angels, and creating hybrids. If the Lord rescued Noah and Lot…He will rescue you. (MORE)

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