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More Interviews, including Michelle Moore, Dr. Scott Young, Juan O Savin, J6ers, Banners4Freedom, Lara Logan, Gene Ho…

May 2023

05/25 Target Backlash / Dodgers Grovel to Satanists / HEB Woke / DeSantis Botched / Jim Carrey?!

King David spent his life killing descendants of the giants. They had 6 fingers and 6 toes. Like the giant of Kandahar, Afghanistan. “As in the days of Noah”… very true. (MORE)

05/24 Great Awakening! / Military Camp In Texas! / Politicians Hiding? / Ricky Schroeder Exposes!

Did you know that Saul had a medium “Go Get Samuel” after he died? They had a conversation…This is not a popular “sermon” in most churches today. There is so much more in the Word of God than we’ve been taught. And there is so much more available to us as Mature Sons… (MORE)

05/23 Bilderberg! / Kari Judged / Caviezel on Q / Senators Satellite Phones / Boy Heals People!

David’s Heart Cry should be our own. The reason he was a “Man after God’s own heart” is because no matter what his circumstances, He PRAISED. It is the Key… (MORE)

05/22 Bakhmut Annihilated / Dr. Buttar Dead! / Ammonium Nitrate Missing! / JP Morgan Exposed!

David sinned with Bathsheba and there were dire consequences. The Sword never left his household…It is so much easier to just Walk in Obedience. As Sons and Daughters, we are being called to join the fight through our warfare prayer! (MORE)

05/19 FBI-DOJ Weaponized Against You! / Let The Impeachment Begin! / Communion!

Jesus was very clear that if we “eat of his flesh and drink of his blood” that we will have eternal life and that we will be RAISED UP at the last day. No one can ever take that from you! (MORE)

05/18 McCarthy Schiff BOOM! / ZIM Goes BRICS / Russian Aircraft Intercepted! / Med Beds Bad!

2 Timothy 4 was on my heart today. There are going to be many that wander from the TRUTH into Myths. Their itching ears want an “easier doctrine.” But there is a crown of righteousness awaiting those of us who fight the good fight and finish the race. And Love his appearing… (MORE)

05/17 America In Distress! / Apeel is Real! / Allison Mack Names Names! / Done in 30!

What does it mean to “Inquire of the Lord”? It is a lost art, and one that is NEEDED for the times ahead. Deception is coming. (MORE)

05/16 Migrant Cell Phones! / Chinese Surrounds Japan! / Durham Report Drops! / TREASON!!

Psalm 62:5-6 TPT “I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the one I love, waiting as long as it takes for him to rescue me. Only God is my Savior, and he will not fail me. For he alone is my safe place. His wraparound presence always protects me as my champion defender. There’s no risk of failure with God! So why would I let worry paralyze me, even when troubles multiply around me?” (MORE)

05/15 There are Angels in our midst! / And God is about to unveil EVERYTHING!

Jesus meets the Samarian woman at the well. It was not by chance, but a very intentional meeting. And today I will show you that we are about to reap the benefits of everything that has be prepared by those who have gone before us! (MORE)

05/12 Your DNA, IS The Battle of The Cosmos / The Chosen – First Miracle! / Communion!

David discerns Saul’s true intentions and runs to the Philistines instead… Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. No religion here! But it’s interesting on this day of Communion, to note that taking communion has a Powerful effect on Your DNA! Watch… (MORE)

05/11 Nephilim Part One! / Saul – David – Meet Nathaniel / The Chosen!

David spares Saul’s life in the cave…And Jesus sees Nathaniel under the fig tree. As Jesus was calling his original disciples, they each had unique encounters with him. They were all going through difficult circumstances, just as we are today. And Jesus still “Sees Us…” Each of us… (MORE)

05/10 Arrest And Torture in Pakistan / Jamie Fox Hillary’d? / Biden Bank Records / Amazing Grace!

What does it mean when it says “In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us”…? Let’s explore… (MORE)

05/09 Border Chaos Incoming / Texas under Siege / Trump on CNN? / Sound of Freedom Launches!

Jesus appeared to the disciples. Literally just manifested right in front of them and startled them. After His resurrection, Jesus wanted to demonstrate what the “Incorruptible Body” could do. I can’t wait for mine!! (MORE)

05/08 Did The Grim Reaper Take a Whack at Charles? / Stargates / Biden Crimes / Prophetic Word!

Time Travel is REAL. Shifting Dimensions is REAL. There are multiple examples in the Bible. Jesus is the Main Example… Just after His resurrection, He was appearing and disappearing. He was showing the disciples what is possible! John Paul Jackson experienced going back in time 3000 years! (See link on Rumble)… (MORE)

05/05 Blinken Treason / Iron Dome Hacked / Border Storm? / Baby Dragons? / Communion!

When Jesus spoke to the thief on the cross that had humbled himself and recognized Jesus…He told him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” I think we forget how profound that statement was…and still is. Let’s dig into this… (MORE)

05/04 Hunter Indictment Incoming / Assassination Attempt On Putin! …by US? / 5-year Old Pastor!

Jesus told Simon that satan had demanded to have him so that he could ‘sift him like wheat’. Jesus assures Peter that He was praying for him, that his faith would not fail… Did you know that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, praying for YOU right now? No matter who is against you… Know that Jesus himself is interceding for you at this very moment! (MORE)

05/03 Banking Crisis Deepens / Epstein’s Calendar / Israel Is Last / Saudi’s Role / NWO Agenda 2030!

The Passover wasn’t just for the Israelites. The Blood Covenant that Jesus fulfilled was our Passover. We are no longer under the law of sin and death. Hallelujah! (MORE)

05/02 Chinese Nationals / JP Morgan Liable For Trafficking? / Paris Continues to Riot / Strikes!

Jesus was very clear in Luke 21. We are going to witness worldwide panic, as the war against Jerusalem escalates. There will be massive earthquakes, the seas will roar, and the powers of the Heavenly realm will be shaken. Men’s hearts will fail them for what they see coming upon the earth. Now is the time for Believers to be self controlled and alert. Look up! We will see the Son of Man coming in power and glory! (MORE)

05/01 Giants! / First Republic Fail / Seismic Spread on West Coast / Demon in 8 Year Old Girl!

Samuel was just a young boy who had been dedicated to the Lord by his mother Hannah. The Lord began to speak to him at an early age. God is raising up a new generation of believers that are unmoved and unafraid! And it’s a good thing, because the giants are real… (MORE)

April 2023

04/28 Euphrates Terrifies! / Creepy Discovery! / Dems Redpilled / UFO at Explosion / Communion!

Jesus tells us that at the Resurrection we will be like the angels. Immortal. And then Jude talks about the scoffers that have crept in among us. They are not human. We are experiencing them right now. Are you ready? (MORE)

04/27 Golf Ball Alive? / Biden UBERs / Antifa Guards The Queens / First Landing1607!

What does it mean to “Renew our Spirit”? There is a supernatural exchange that happens when we ask the Lord to Renew our Spirit. There are two Kingdoms. We get to choose! (MORE)

04/26 Sudan Biolab Taken / Bioweapons Released! / Is Nattokinase the Answer? / Bragg must Testify!

Jesus promises great reward in “The Coming Kingdom” for those that gave things up to follow him. That Kingdom is upon us! We are living in a time where Psalm 91 will be a KEY passage of scripture for those that are in Christ! (MORE)

04/25 Tucker: What Really Happened & What’s Next? / Fox Lost Billions / Casket at the White House?!

Are our hearts ready for the wealth transfer? Now is the time to connect with our Father and prepare. (MORE)

04/24 Blood-Drinking Stars Go Mainstream / Sephora’s Baphomet / Zimbabwe, BRICS? / False Doctrines!

The Angel of the Lord appears multiple times to many people. He looks like a man. But obviously is from another realm. And in the New Testament, we are discussing how Jesus describes his Second Coming. It’s NOT what we’ve been taught in our churches! (MORE)

04/21 Bud Backfire / Hunter’s Minor Charges / Iraq Market Stops / Beyond The Ice Wall / Communion!

Gideon’s 300 was used to route an army as vast as the sand on the shore. God loves to get the glory! In Luke, look at the parable of the Prodigal Son with a new set of eyes. The Adamic race is the “younger son” …And we have an older brother… (MORE)

04/20 Swalwell Loses / Kennedy is Red Pilling / Shapeshifter on AGT! / Boy Meets Jesus!

Gideon was from the weakest tribe, and was the least likely of his household. Yet the Angel of the Lord appeared to him and called him a “Mighty Man of Valor”. (MORE)

04/19 911 Truth on MSM / Swift Summons Demons / Two Fetterman / Sesame Street Agenda!

Even though Deborah and Jael were women, they were instrumental in Israel’s victory of King Jabin and the Canaanites. Jael drove a tent peg into the skull of the sleeping Sisera. The victory was credited to a woman…Yep! A woman. (MORE)

04/18 34 Chinese Arrested / Explosion on the Moon?! / A Trillion Gone / Wikileaks Exposes Obama!

After Joshua died, the Israelites followed after other gods. And they paid a dear price. Those same gods are still around. And they are REAL BEINGS! (MORE)

04/17 Elon’s Mask / Operation Sandman! / WHG’s Truths / 420 Everywhere! / Powerful Prayer!

The Lord commanded the Israelites to “put away the gods that your fathers served and to choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served or the gods of the Amorites”… Joshua responded, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:14-15 (MORE)

04/14 Chase Cards Cleared in Canada / David Straight Arrested / Trump Deposition / Communion!

All things hidden are being revealed. We are involved in disclosure from Heaven! Jesus is calling us to a more intimate relationship. The day of reckoning is coming! (MORE)

04/13 Biden Loses Docs in Ireland / Obvious Mask / Stormy’s Hidden Brand / Bud Losses!

Jesus speaks about the “Eye” being the lamp of the body. If the eye is full of light, the whole body is full of light. I believe he is referring to the pineal gland (what some call the “Third Eye”. Get rid of fluoride! (MORE)

04/12 Impeach? Yes! Apeel? No! / X-App / Curious Masters Cloud! / 3rd Dem Switch!

Jesus was specific when he talked about demons coming back to the house they left. If they find the house empty and swept clean, (Not filled with the Holy Spirit) … The second state of the person is 7 times worse… (MORE)

04/11 Musk Ends Twitter / Texas’ New Currency / Pedo Dalai Lama / China, Taiwan Imminent!

Wait a minute…The SUN STOOD STILL? That would mean the sun is moving…There is also a day missing…. (MORE)

04/10 Trump Truths WWIII / Bank Closures / Canaanites = Cannibals / It’s Time: Galactic Federation!

A “Being” brandishing his sword appeared in front of Joshua. He looked like a man. But he was the “Commander of the Lord’s army.” Christians have been woefully unprepared for what’s coming. We need to read our Bibles! (MORE)

04/07 Shapeshifter in Trump’s Courtroom?! / Woke Alcohols / Passion of the Christ / Communion!

Sometimes we have to pause. The world is crazy. But Yeshua overcame the world. It’s Good Friday. And Sunday is Coming! (MORE)

04/06 LED, Receipts! / RFK: JFK-Alive! / Nigeria: Castrate Rapists, Death to Pedophiles! / Marburg!

The story of Rahab is precious, because it show us that even those who have a “sordid past” can still be used in a mighty way! This prostitute was in the lineage of Jesus! (MORE)

04/05 Baron, Tesla, Time Travel? / Taylor Swift Witchcraft? / Derek Johnson is Succinct & Powerful!

Jesus gives amazing insight into the parable of the sower. There is a revelation light that is available. And for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see, we are watching two kingdoms at work. God is calling the remnant to a new level! (MORE)

04/04 34 Felonies=Cabal Loses / MTG in Front / Gold Up, Dollar Down / Cruz Bracelets / China-Taiwan!

Now more than ever, we need to dwell in the shelter on the Most High. What exactly does Psalm 91 mean when it says “He will command his angels concerning you…”? (MORE)

04/03 Fake Mr & Mrs Biden / Trump Speech / Crazy Q Drops / US Dollar Out, Chinese Yuan In!

Psalm 40 is a beautiful picture of a Father that inclines His ear to us. He hears our cry and puts a new song in our mouths! This war is almost over. Hold On! (MORE)

March 2023

03/31 Trump’s Arrest is Next! / China Prepares For War! / Covid is Formally Over… / Communion!

When Jesus healed the paralytic, He took up his mat and carried it out. The Lord is about to do the same for us! Let’s watch what happens with Matthew… (MORE)

03/30 Nashville Anomalies = FF! / Pope Hospitalized / Hillary’s Libya Secrets Exposed / QFS Recap!

Peter had been fishing all night. When Jesus told him to let down the nets one more time, he WANTED to refuse. But he chose to OBEY the WORDS of Jesus. And a double portion blessing overtook him. What can we learn from this? (MORE)

03/29 Biden the Buffoon / More in BRICS / Cruz Crushes Mayorkas / Rampant Demonic Activity!

The Lord fights our Battles for us. But if we have sin in our lives, it crushes us. Our bodies pay a heavy price. Jesus came to set the captive free, and commands us to do the same… (MORE)

03/28 Nations Ditching USD / April Fools Comms / Kiyosaki: USD TP! / Chocolate Factory Cloning Lab!

Jesus was clear about the fact that “a prophet has no honor in his own hometown.” So you are not alone. We still must continue to shine, because darkness is looming! (MORE)

03/27 Bible Belt Twister / Masks Everywhere! / Is Ron, Adam? / BRICS Grows / Africa Dropping USD!

John the Baptist’s Words still ring true today. We are about to witness them with fresh eyes. Jesus is outside of time. And He is about to make the crooked paths straight! (MORE)

03/24 French Police Flip / Dem Flips / McAfee Alive / DeSantis Exposed / Bragg Done / Communion!

The Lord will fight our battles. All we need to do is Love Him and cling to Him. The days are evil, but God is on the move, and none of this takes Him by surprise! (MORE)

03/23 Still No Arrest / Chinese Nationals Crossing / QFS LIVE! / Giant Hybrid Skeleton in Taiwan!

The Lord will fight for us. HE drove out the nations full of hybrids tribes of pure evil. Even used hornets. I am not afraid! (MORE)

03/22 Trump Arrest? No? / Xi & Putin Exchange / Mr. Pool Comms / World Leaders Weigh-in!

The Lord was very CLEAR on the 1st Commandment. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. … That means other gods DO EXIST! (MORE)

03/21 The Key? / Bannon’s Gloves Are Off! / The Biden Crime Family! / See a UFO in Antarctica!

King OG’s Iron Bed was 14 Feet Long. This Giant was a remnant of the Rephaim. It would be wise to study up on this stuff. Because they still exist… God Himself dealt with them back then, and He will deal with them again! (MORE)

03/20 Trump Arrest? Or Obama? / Trump with Sons of God? / Jamie Lee’s Boot / Russell’s Vax Truth!

Because the Israelites had unbelief that the Lord could handle the Giants in the Promised Land, they were forced to wander in the wilderness for a whole generation. Only Joshua and Caleb were allowed to possess the land they had spied out. God is serious about his children Trusting Him and letting HIM fight our battles! (MORE)

03/17 New J6 footage! / Wrong Ron? / Two Suns? / More Fentanyl / Q March Madness / Communion!

As Jesus stood before the Chief Priests, He said he was “The Son of Man”. These words were his death sentence. Why? We must look to the book of Enoch for those answers. This book is so valuable to the Body of Christ right now! Have you read it? (MORE)

03/16 SVB-Epstein / O’Keefe Is Back! / Saudi Pulls From Credit Suisse / Warning: CBDC Incoming!

Jesus knows EXACTLY what it feels like to be betrayed and abandoned by those you love. He experienced it FIRST HAND. And He wants to take your pain today… (MORE)

03/15 Russia vs US Drone / Chat GPT Says Market Crash / Biden Clown Show / Russia Blanks Nazi HQ!

There is a secret place of provision and protection for those that fear him. We are coming into a season where we must have DESPERATE faith. Other countries have it. We need it! (MORE)

03/14 SVBoooooom! / FBI-Big Tech Censoring / Prepare! / Nancy Pelosi Unsealed Indictment!

Baal worship is nothing new. God hated it then, and He still hates it! / Jesus admonishes us… Stay Awake! (MORE)

03/13 SVB Failure / Simpsons Predict / Pope Death Incoming?/ Rogan Exposure / Veterans to Zelenski!

Mark 13 is very clear about the events leading to His Return. There are specific things that are about to happen. It’s time to develop your intimacy with the Lord now! (MORE)

03/10 McConnell’s Concussion / Tucker’s Acquiesce / Melania’s Dress / Derail Theory / Communion!

King Sihon and King Og were both giants. Nephilim. And God drove them out before the Israelites. The Bible is fascinating! Balaam’s donkey could see the Angel of the Lord with his sword drawn, but he could not. Until the Lord opened his eyes… (MORE)

03/09 Green Screen For J6? / HAARP Lightning?! / Girls Using Ouija / Schumer’s Bought By Blackrock!

Jesus started cracking whips and flipping tables on the “money changers” in the temple. He didn’t take kindly to his House being used for robbery. He still doesn’t. (MORE)

03/08 Schumer, Media Panicking! / More Tucker / Hunter Biden Naked / Taiwan: No Internet!

There were 12 spies that went to Canaan to check things out. Ten came back terrified of the Giants (Descendants of Anak). The land was full of beings that were so massive that the spies were like grasshoppers in comparison. Nephilim were on the earth in those days…and they are still here! (MORE)

03/07 Tucker Explodes J6 / Mayor Arrested: Child Porn / Trump Strong / France, Russia: EBS!

Moses often argued with God. Sometimes he won. God was very protective of his servant. When Aaron and Miriam complained and gossiped…There were consequences! (MORE)

03/06 Incandescent vs LED! / Soros is Missing / CNN: Fetterman Dead… Uh Wait… / JFK Jr Proof!

Jesus held a child and told his disciples that , for someone who hurts a child, it would be better for a millstone to be tied around their neck and cast into the sea…than for that person on the day of judgement… (MORE)

03/03 Hawley Rips Garland / Boycott HerShe! / Boycott Kelloggs ! / Thank God For Communion!

Jesus admonished his disciples to Pray and Fast. There are certain spirits that are higher in level and rank than others. Most Christians have no idea how to cast out a demon. Much less one like the kind that throws its host into the fire! (MORE)

03/02 Obama, Biden, Podesta = Child Torture, Sacrifice, In The White House / War is Escalating!

Jesus was creative with his miracles. And He is telling us to “Get Prepared” for the next move of God will be filled with Awe and Wonder, and it WON’T BE CONVENTIONAL! (MORE)

03/01 Spy Doll / Captured Operations / Tucker’s Truth / New Prison / It’s ALWAYS The Children!

Yeshua is King of the Heavenly Beings. They all serve Yahweh… There is a time coming soon… when the World will know THAT’S MY KING!!! (MORE)

February 2023

02/28 Lara Logan On Fire / Kim Clement Prophecies / Boots Everywhere! / Revival Spreading!

John the Baptist was beheaded because of The Dance. It is a powerful weapon… both for good and evil! So is praying in the spirit. It is the Holy Spirit interceding through you, and is the language of Angels! (MORE)

02/27 Oklahoma Storms=HAARP / Woody Harrelson’s Truth / Med Beds / J6 Footage!

Jesus called Death “Sleep”. Our version of Death and His are very different! We are about to see the Greater Works that He spoke of! Revival FIRE is coming! (MORE)

02/24 White Dust Falls / UN-Russia Impasse / Days of Elijah – Marines! / Communion!

Jesus was completely calm in the midst of the storm. He knew he had command over the elements. He also knew he had an appointment with the Demoniac at Gerasenes. We must learn that we HAVE AUTHORITY. Jesus gave it to us as well. The coming season will require the Remnant to Rise Up! (MORE)

02/23 Lightning Strikes Open Baal Worship / Light Vs Dark / Trump Insider / Israel Vs Palestine!

There is a place where the glory of God dwells. We can access it! And when Jesus spoke of the 30, 60, 100 fold, what does that mean? We can access sooo much more! (MORE)

02/22 Trump: Palestine / Biden: Ukraine / Sinister CDC / DC March / Revival Spreads / Littles Hear!

You can’t walk in a strongman’s house unless you first bind the strongman. These are wise words from Yeshua! It is time to take authority over the Strongman… (MORE)

02/21 Putin’s Address to the Nations / Biden Gives US to WHO / Brunson Case / Signs in the Skies!

The Lord is NEAR to the Brokenhearted. When we cry out to Him, He hears us. If you are going through a winter season in your life, take heart. Be encouraged in your spirit. The Lord was sent to bind up the broken hearted! (MORE)

02/20 Explosions Worldwide / Revival Spreads / Biden in Ukraine -Trump in Ohio / Epstein List PANIC!

Jesus didn’t placate demons. He cast them out! And so should we. As Sons and Daughters, we must take up that authority to cleanse and to heal. It is TIME! (MORE)

02/17 YouTube CEO, Gone / Soros And DeSantis? / Jabs Illegal In Idaho? / Chem Warfare! / Communion!

The Angel that appeared at the Tomb and rolled away the stone must have been awesome to behold. The guards fell down as if dead. They were TERRIFIED. Those beings still exist. So imagine what the WARRIOR angels must look like! (MORE)

02/16 Hawaii Earthquake / Signs in the Skies / Ohio Toxins Flowing Downstream / Revival On Fox!

Not only is Psalm 23 our scripture that lands today, but so is Proverbs 9. Wisdom and comfort can truly only come from the Lord. When you read in the Passion Translation, it really comes to life! (MORE)

02/15 Trump Wants Firing Squads / MTG Slays Roth / Arizona Chemical Spill! / Asbury Revival!

When Jesus died, all the graves around Jerusalem opened and the Saints came out and walked around! Sooo…. where are they now?? Not sure you can die twice… (MORE)

02/14 See Epstein’s Client List / More Trains! / Tainted Water Supply / China Blames Accurately!

The Passion of the Christ will forever be one of the greatest movies of all time. Today’s scripture covers the trailer… Also… Psalm 91 is VERY important right now! (MORE)

02/13 Balloons Or UFOs? / DARPA Weapons? / Ohio Crash – One Black Swan / DISTRACTIONS!

The night of the Last Supper had so many dynamics. Jesus knew what He was about to endure. He knew Judas was about to betray Him, and Peter would deny Him. Jesus informed them both of their upcoming failures before they happened. And He went to the cross anyway…For Them and for US! (MORE)

02/10 Green Lasers From China? / HAARP Lightning / NESARA Details / IRS Says Wait? / Communion!

What we do to the “Least of these” we also do to the King of Kings. The Lord is revealing new levels in Scripture right now. The Kingdom is at hand. And all Creation is groaning for “The Sons to be made manifest…” (MORE)

02/09 Poisons! / Higgins Booms! / Created Earthquakes Proof! / Iraqis Dumping Their US Dollars!

The parable of the virgins is appropriate today. We need to keep our eyes open and oil in our lamps! (MORE)

02/08 HAARP Did It! / SOTU Schmotu / Origins! / Grammy’s Ritual / Bank of England Announces Ripple!

In Matthew 24, Jesus compares the end of the age to the days of Noah, when the wicked were swept away in Judgement. These Nephilim giant hybrids were attacking and eating humans. They were mixing DNA and even “sinning” against the animals. (Sound Familiar?) We are in “The Days of Noah” once again! Buckle Up! (MORE)

02/07 1960s Weather Manipulation Plans / McCarthy Releases J6 Footage / Fence In Brandon!

Matthew 24 is very clear about what is going to take place. And we are watching it happen before our very eyes! Next up? DECEPTION. Don’t be deceived. Many false prophets are arising. Do you recognize the small deceptions? (MORE)

02/06 Turkey, Syria, Earthquakes! / In a GRID Pattern? / Satanic Grammys / Proof: Cyclops Are Real!

The Lord is serious about not following other gods. That means they exist. These other gods have been mixing their DNA with ours for eons. This is evidenced by all these crazy skulls all over the world…This Cyclops skull is particularly intriguing! (MORE)

02/03 Trump: Shoot it Down! / Biden Destroys Our Food Supply / Sonar Kills Whales / Communion!

There are so many anomalies in scripture that are never discussed in church. Archeology is proving that not only is the Bible fascinating, it is also extremely accurate! (MORE)

02/02 Well That EGGSplains It! / Hillary – Nephilim / Afghanistan Giant / Trump Says Death Penalty!

The Lord will provide supernaturally for those that love him and follow his statutes. Including RESTING on the Sabbath. There is Supernatural Supply on the horizon! (MORE)

02/01 Eisenhower Treaty with ET? / Putin Proves US Bio Labs In Ukraine / Ron “DeSanctimonious”!

The cloud by day and pillar of fire by night really happened. The parting of the Red Sea and the annihilation of the entire Egyptian army REALLY happened! That Supernatural aspect of the Lord has not been seen on the Earth for a very long time. I believe we are about to see it again! (MORE)

January 2023

01/31 New Energy Source Found! / 23 & My Lizzard? / Egypt Goes BRICS / Trump’s New Profile Pic!

God’s got a 3 Pronged RESCUE coming! And Just like the EXODUS, there will be a WEALTH TRANSFER at the same time! Are you ready? We are on the backside of the EYE of the STORM. But God wins. And He is our REFUGE… (MORE)

01/30 Israel Strikes Iran! / Quantum Proof! / Lawsuit Vs FDA / Pilots Dying! / Gates And Farmland!

As we go through the plagues of Exodus, we can’t help but see the parallels of what we are going through today. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart for the sole purpose of taking out their numerous gods with specific plagues. We are about to see these types of signs and wonders again! Stay buckled in…It’s about to get crazy! (MORE)

01/27 More Pfizer – OMG! / More Resign / Eggs? WEF Did It – Tractor Supply Helped / Communion!

We are in front of our “Exodus Moment”. And the Israelites didn’t leave slavery empty handed. They plundered their enemy on the way out!! We are about ready for another Wealth Transfer…Can you feel it?? (MORE)

01/26 Pfizer Busted! / Citi Bank Proves NESARA! / TR3B Cloaked Overhead! / Chemtrail Proof – Detox!

The Mount of Transfiguration in Mathew 17 is one of the COOLEST stories in the Bible because it PROVES time travel is REAL! Also, Jesus was pretty cool to make Peter’s taxes appear in a fishes mouth… Let’s talk about it! (MORE)

01/25 McCarthy Slams Schiff, Swalwell / Russian Nuclear Sub Off US Coast / Turkey Leaving NATO?!

Why did Joseph want his bones carried back to Jerusalem? The Bible is fascinating! And Jesus makes a Bold Claim that not all will taste death. Is the apostle John still alive? (MORE)

01/24 FBI Agent Arrested / Free Energy Rock! / Abraham Docs? / Doomsday Clock 90 Seconds?!

David was a man after God’s own heart. And he constantly cried out to God in frustration and anger…”How LONG oh Lord, must we wait for Justice?!? … Yet I trust you…” The reckoning is coming…and coming soon… (MORE)

01/23 Mexico’s Crystal Cave / Tr3B! / More PMs Step Down / More BRICS Nations / Vax Pushback!

Joseph was in prison for many years for a crime he didn’t commit. But when it was time for God to “Call Him Up”… He changed his clothes and shaved. He discarded the garments of his previous season, and stepped into Rulership. We have all been in a season of preparation for the Wealth Transfer. Get ready to step up into Leadership! (MORE)

01/20 Madonna’s Blasphemy! / Alec Charged / QFS Leaking / Tucker Truth Bombs / Communion!

The parable of the Wheat and the Tares is extremely relevant at this time. There are “tares” that have been sown among the wheat. The “tares” are the sons of the devil. The wheat are the sons of the Son of Man. There is a harvest coming. All will see it! What a site to behold! (MORE)

01/19 Davos Nonsense! / Madonna Trafficking / Ding Dong The Witch Resigned / Simpsons Knew!

The parable of the Wheat and the Tares is extremely relevant at this time. There are “tares” that have been sown among the wheat. Jesus said that they would grow up together and be harvested at the end of the age. We are there, and it’s about to get interesting! (MORE)

01/18 Damar 4th Booster / FAA Widens Pilot EKG Parameters / Greta’s Fake Detainment!

When a wicked spirit leaves a person, it goes through the arid places looking for a place to land. It will eventually test the person it left, to see if “the house is empty and swept clean. Then the spirit goes and gets 7 other spirits more wicked than itself, and the second condition of the person is worse than the first. It is the same with this generation…” – Jesus (MORE)

01/17 The FAA Lied? / Space Force Knows! / Gold From The Vatican To Jerusalem / The Children!

Dinah was raped. And it created a Soul Tie. We discuss in my retreat how to break soul ties! Please join us this weekend… When Jesus called himself “the Son of Man”, we don’t understand why that was such blasphemy… Until we look at the book of Enoch… Fascinating! (MORE)

01/16 No Soros Or Schwab in Davos? / California Floods / Schumann Resonance / More Docs!

Although Jacob was a mess, God still blessed him. But not without first giving him a limp…. (MORE)

01/13 RIP Lisa Marie / Biden Docs / Nesara-Gesara Comms / Whitehats Did It! / Communion!

Jesus has people “touching him” all the time. But when the woman with the issue of blood barely touched them hem of His garment, her faith caused POWER to flow from Him. Do we have that kind of crazy faith? (MORE)

01/12 Capital Building Jail Cells? / More Biden Docs / POW Flags In DC / More Cali Storms!

It’s ok to throw a “Fleece”! God is stretching us to understand the New Wine. He is doing a new thing. We must mature for what is coming! (MORE)

01/11 Crazier AI / Nadler Out! / Flynn Exposes Shadow Govt / Joe Rogan Experiences Frequencies!

Did Hagar see the well in a different dimension? The Lord heard the voice of the boy. That’s a key. The Bible is full of anomalies that we just skip over. God is revealing the hidden things right now! (MORE)

01/10 New House! / Fake Biden Fake Plane / Elon Warned About AI / RIP Diamond / Crazy AI Art!

Angels destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. These beings were evidently beautiful angels, because the men wanted to have sex with them… God had other plans. (MORE)

01/09 NFL Kneels / Brazil Protesters Storm Congress / McCarthy’s Short Leash! / WF Goes Quantum!

Abram rescues Lot and meets Melchizedek, King of Salem. This mysterious King plays a role…even today. What does it mean to lay up your treasures in Heaven? And what did Jesus mean when He said, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light…”? (MORE)

01/06 McCarthy Fumbles / Damar Media Panic / NFL Confused / Brunson Starts Today / Communion!

God confused the language at the Tower of Babel. He reversed that at Pentecost. We serve a mighty God! Let’s take Communion. It is so much more than an act of obedience. It literally changes your DNA… (MORE)

01/05 McCarthy & WEF / We The People Vote NO! / Pedo Hunter Exposed / Mel’s New Cabal Movie!

Noah’s son Ham was a bad boy. What happened to Noah in his drunken stupor? It was so bad that Noah cursed Ham and lineage -Canaan. Hmmm….That’s where the Nephilim giants (that continue to this day) came from. These biblical genealogies are fascinating! (MORE)

01/04 San Fran Braces / Netanyahu Mask? / SBF pleads Not Guilty / McCarthy Losing House Fight!

The Flood in Genesis was a real event. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days… and afterward… In Matthew when Jesus called the disciples, each was a different encounter. His encounter with Peter was particularly powerful… (MORE)

01/03 McCarthy Yes? No? / Walking Trees? / No California Dreaming / More Vaccine Exposure!

There is much intrigue in the first 6 Chapters of Genesis. Who were those in the land of Nod? Who did Cain marry? Why was he banished from the face of the earth? What does the Bible mean when it says he was a fugitive and a vagabond IN the earth? (MORE)

01/02 Boring Comms / Real Calendar / Netanyahu Exposes Obama / Evil Benedict Dead / Trapped Alien?!

Let’s dig into Genesis. There are many things and many years in between the lines of Scripture! Many things…and many Years. Let’s go deeper this year, shall we? (MORE)

December 2022

12/30 Vegas UFO / Brazil On The Brink / John Rich Exposes Bohemian Grove / Clones / Communion!

Revelation 20-22 are the fascinating last chapters of the last book. Those who are in Christ have much to look forward to! The wicked? …Not so much! (MORE)

12/29 QFS News! / Con vs Chem / Space Force Takes Over / Pfizer Knew It / Children From Heaven!

Revelation 19 is a beautiful picture of what is to come. The judgement of Babylon and the Harlot, but also the Wedding Super of the Lamb. Jesus has a tattoo on His Thigh…KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. When He returns, his eyes will be fire. What an amazing time to be alive! (MORE)

12/28 Weather Manipulation / 80 Degrees In 24hrs / Power Grid Attack / ALL Social Controlled!

Revelation 18 speaks of the fall of the city of Babylon in one hour. It will be a judgement the whole world will see. Many think this is metaphorical…But I believe there is a city about to arise. Modern day Babylon will contaminate the earth. And God will eventually judge it… (MORE)

12/27 Putin Flexes Against NATO / SWA Chaos / Elon Says “NO” To WEF / 10 days? / Katie Hatred!

We are beginning to see the book of Revelation take shape. There will be geographic relocation of nations. Kings will emerge…and eventually give their power over to the Beast. What an amazing time to be alive! (MORE)

12/26 Elon: Conspiracies Are True / Deep Fake Tech / If a Starving Dog Refuses McDonalds…!

Zechariah was another prophet that saw into the future and spoke with Angels. These beings explained what he was witnessing. Joshua was given new clothes and told that he had access to the “Courts of Heaven and the right of access among those who are standing here.” The Cosmic story just keeps getting clearer and clearer! (MORE)

12/23 The Sealed Book Christmas Special! And Communion!

There are two great scriptures tucked away in Habakkuk today. One about writing visions on tablets and one about The GLORY covering the Earth. So GOOD! We also have some interesting things to look at in Revelation 13. Beasts and Marks and Systems. We are living in critical times! What an honor to be on the Planet for Such a Time as This! (MORE)

12/22 Michael, $3.5 Million? / Azov Nazis / Twitter File 9 / AZ Trial Day 1 / Brunson Doc Banned!

Nahum is an interesting chapter tucked away in the Back of the Old Testament. God has specific plans for his Enemies. And specific plans for those who take refuge in Him. To them, He will be a stronghold in the day of trouble. Revelation 12, the “Great Sign in the Sky” is fascinating! This sign in the sky happened on September 23, 2017… (MORE)

12/21 Pelosi’s Deep Greed / Ebola’s Patent / Pfizer’s Dying To Kill You / Katie Goes To Court!

The two witnesses of Revelation 11 are not metaphorical. These two prophets are reserved for a specific role in Earth’s history! We are entering the most exciting time of this planet. All things hidden are being revealed! Are you ready? (MORE)

12/20 Elon’s Bot Trap? / Ebola Plan(demic) / Bogus J6 Decision / Katie To Testify! / Cold in US!

Micah 4 speaks of the “latter days Mountain of the Lord. We are able to access it. The Remnant is Rising!” Meanwhile, in Revelation- did you know one Angel is so massive that He can place one foot on the sea and one foot on the land? (And we think we are alone in the Universe… UH… Let’s Think again! (MORE)

12/19 Elon Mask & Poll / Kayleigh Clue / Makeshift Wall / Earthquakes / London Floods, But No Rain?!

Micah 3 speaks of the Lord’s judgement on those who commit “Crimes against Humanity”… Just like today…There truly is nothing new under the sun! And Revelation 8 and 9 are interesting reading. I believe they are absolutely real, and not metaphor! Seek the Lord Jesus, while He is interceding for you! (MORE)

12/16 Mariupol Now / Trump Card Decodes / Did You Know, CIA Murdered JFK? / Communion!

Revelation 6… There are Seven Seals. Each one is very different, and equally traumatic. I can’t stress enough how important your relationship with Jesus is RIGHT NOW. Please don’t wait to nurture a relationship with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Seek him while He is still sitting at the right hand of the Father, interceding for you. Don’t wait until he mounts that White Horse! (MORE)

12/15 Trump Card / Q Drop Deltas / tWitch Suicided? / Ellen’s Exposure / Major Announcement!

Revelation 5… There is only one in Heaven, on Earth, under the Earth, who is able to open the Scroll with the 7 seals. The lamb who was slain from the foundation of the world… He reconciled us! Praise God! To Him be Blessing, and Honor, and Glory, and Power forever! (MORE)

12/14 Elon Tweets / Executive Order 13818 / Frozen Bubble / Now I Can See!

Now is not the time to be Lukewarm! John was taken to the Throne Room of Heaven. He was “in the spirit” and went through an open door and saw amazing things! They are available to us as well. More and more are realizing that we truly are not bound by this realm. The Bible has much to say about this! (MORE)

12/13 Indonesia Earthquake / Musk’s White Rabbit / SBF Arrested / Brazil! / Katie and Kari Summoned!

The letters to the churches in Revelation are full of information that we need. Please do not think this is just a myth. I believe this book is extremely valuable for us today! (MORE)

12/12 Twitter Explodes / Frequencies / Circling Turtles Now? / Stargates / Antarctica Pyramids?!

We are being prepared and stretched at every turn. Nothing is going to look like we think! Allow the Lord to expand you now, on THIS SIDE of the switch. So that you will be able to help others across the Bridge… (MORE)

12/09 Not Whelan?! / Illuminati Street / Mainstream Cannibalism / Jupiter Ascending / Communion!

The book of Jude is tucked in the very back of the Bible. If you study it, it gives amazing clues as to what we are experiencing today with Fallen Hosts. It even quotes Enoch. ( A book that should be mandatory reading for every serious Believer…) Let’s take Communion! (MORE)

12/08 Troops in Texas / Jabs Saline? / TR3B / More BRICS / QFS Coming Soon! / Q Phones Inbound!

David makes it clear that if we ascend into the Heavens, The Lord is there. Well, that means we CAN ascend… God’s Word is amazing. False Doctrine Abounds. But its not just teaching incorrect doctrine. It is also OMITTING the Word of God that supports “The New Age”… The KINGDOM AGE is coming! (MORE)

12/07 Georgia Stolen, of Course / Balenciaga Fall Out / Homeschooling Project / Elon Fires Baker!

Psalm 139 describes how the Lord knows us so intimately that He knows our thoughts before they are fully formed. He’s a Good Father. Not just “Source” or “Creator”…but ABBA. He loves us so much! But He is also a righteous Judge…And his Hammer of Judgement is about to strike the wicked… Now is the time to run to Him as Father! As Savior…As King… (MORE)

12/06 Elon Shakes MSM / Tucker on Hunter / Military Space Craft? / Ocean UFOs? / Brazil Executions!

1 John 4 gives us an ability to “Test the Spirits” and see whether they are from God. This is valuable information, and will be highly needed in the near future. Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. Those that don’t…Are Not. It’s that simple! (MORE)

12/05 China People Are Winning! / Military Moves / Cloaked Jets / And These Little Ones!

Daniel met a fearsome warrior of Yahweh. He was so terrified that he fainted. This being had to have help from the Archangel Michael in order to get Daniel’s answer through. This is a fascinating story of the Cosmic battle raging in the Heavenlies. We are quickly approaching the “Age of Michael”, when those that are Godly will Shine like the stars…Wow! (MORE)

12/02 Burn Balenciaga / China’s Turmoil / Elon’s Neuralink / Lights Over DC? / Communion!

Daniel saw 4 Beasts. He went to one of the Thousands upon Ten Thousands before the throne ( with fire and Wheels) to get the interpretation of his vision. We are living in that day. The Sealed Book is opening. The Ten Kings are right around the corner… (MORE)

12/01 Baalenciaga Outrage! / China Eases? / Vampire Hunter / Zombie Virus / Scare Event Incoming!

The book of Daniel makes it clear that there are both “Watchers” and “Angels”. It is also clear that the Lord created and rules them all. The King of KINGS and Lord of LORDS. He is the Lord of HOSTS. The Lord brings all things under His reign. He raises up Kings and brings them down. We are watching all this play out in our generation. What an amazing time to be alive! Are you ready? Scare Event INCOMING! (MORE)

November 2022

11/30 Military Movements / White House Dark / Senate Ends Biden’s Power / Protect Your DNA!

Let’s revisit the Children’s Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace. They gave God the opportunity to show up and miraculously save them… Would we? Or would we bow to the god of Nebuchadnezzar and his golden image?… It’s time to get this stuff settled in our hearts, because it may be the same with us… And we may also see a 4th man in the fire! (MORE)

11/29 Brazil Goes Military / We the People in AZ / Elon’s Nightstand / JFK Jr? / China Revolts!

Daniel saw that the Final Kingdom would be iron mixed with clay, and that there would be a rock not formed by human hands that would smash it to pieces, along with all other Kingdoms. Did you ever think you would be living in that era? Well, the rise of the AI Nephilim proves that you are, indeed, alive in this prophetic time frame. Buckle Up! (MORE)

11/28 Balenciaga Demonic / DNA in the Sky / Ukraine Actors / China, Spain Revolts / New Q Drops!

What an extraordinary time to be alive! We are witnessing the Lord step in on behalf of the children. Just like other times in history, He is using men and women working alongside the Hosts of Heaven to accomplish His purposes! (MORE)

11/25 Brazilian Farmers Push Into Congress / China Revolts / Kent Christmas / Communion!

We are being stretched in every way. God is revealing Himself in amazing ways. There are two videos below that will do both of those things. We must WAKE UP! Time is growing SHORT! (MORE)

11/24 Thanksgiving Message / The Jesus Jar vs Doubt / Grand Thanksgiving Fun!

We are living in the time where “The Greater Works” are upon us. Now is the time to step out in faith and pray for one another like never before! Our Faith can heal and restore. It is time for us to Arise and Shine! (MORE)

11/23 Chosen Success / Military Moving! / Red Wave Exists / Tucker Exposes! / Iranian Youth Revolt!

Ezekiel traveled in the Spirit. He prophesied to the Dry Bones. And they rattled and came to life. It is time for us to prophesy to the nations of the world. It is time for us to partner with the Kingdom of God, and speed its coming! (MORE)

11/22 President Ye / Twitter Drops Child Porn / Al’s Clots / Grounding Power / Animals Anticipate!

Because He Lives, we can face tomorrow. Brazil is not only experiencing turmoil, but they are also experiencing spiritual revival. (Watch to the end of this broadcast…) God is granting wisdom and help from Hosts of Heaven. God is so good! And I’ve read the back of the Book. Spoiler Alert… God Wins! (MORE)

11/21 McCarthy FTX? / Tanks in Texas / Military Ships Worldwide / Black Swan Event / Prepare!

We must pray for wisdom in this hour. Crazy times are right in front of us, and we need to seek the Lord. The Bible says to consider it pure joy when we face trials. That will be necessary in the coming months. But JOY comes in the morning! (MORE)

11/18 The Song of Angry Men / People Are RISING / Current Overview / Communion!

A breakdown of The prophecy of the “King of Tyre”- Lucifer. Our battle is still raging. We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. (Including the Kings who watched Lucifer’s judgement.) Jesus endured the cross, despising its shame for the JOY set before Him…And that joy is YOU! Let’s take Communion! (MORE)

11/17 My Conversation With Juan O Savin! / Nancy Drew Deep Dive / It’s The Storm! Prepare!

Hebrews 11 is the “Faith Chapter” So many were heroic, and they died knowing that someone else would finish their tasks. WE are those people. On the earth for Such a Time as THIS! (MORE)

11/16 Kim Clement / Trump Comms / Nov 15 Schumann Resonance / Archangel Michael’s Song!

“Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 This is our scripture today. How cool is that? God’s plan is BRILLIANT. And He is always perfectly on time. HOLD FAST! (MORE)

11/15 Kari Loses? / Brazil Civilian-Police Military / Traitor Pence / PEADS / Trump Trumps Tonight!

“Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, and all the more as we see the Day approaching”…God is on the move. It’s time to ARISE! (MORE)

11/14 Clear Theft / Tucker On Ye’s Handler / Ex-Pfizer VP on Vax / Ivanka’s Dress vs Gaga’s!

The Lord has been fighting these entities for the entire Adamic existence. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice that reconciles us back to our original state as sons and daughters. It is time we Arise and claim our inheritance! (MORE)

11/11 Q Clock Ends Today! / The Q Pic DJT / Schumann Resonance / 1111 Vibes / Communion!

God has very little patience with false prophets. And there are many today. We have to be mature Sons and Daughters to be able to discern spirits! The Host of Heaven are not only watching, but are also active in the affairs of man. Let’s explore this…and then take Communion! (MORE)

11/10 Is Fetterman Gru? / Voter Fraud Rampant! / Trump-DeSantis Drama / Dry Bones!

The Spirit lifted Ezekiel up and moved him from place to place. He traveled in the spirit. The Lord is capable of doing the same with you and I. The “Supernatural” aspect of the Word has been removed from our churches. The beings, the angels, the awesome glory of the Lord is returning to the Earth! (MORE)

11/09 Cheating Abounds / What is THAT? / Military is the Only Way / New Q Drop!

Ezekiel sees a “man in white linen” mark the foreheads of those that are to be spared. There are creatures that have human faces and hands, but have wings with eyes. They are beside “Wheels within Wheels”. Christians have to quit thinking humans are the only race…The cosmos are teeming with life! And the Bible is Full of those accounts… Fascinating! (MORE)

11/08 Blood Moon / Aaron Pleas / New Q Post / Guard Activated! / Eyes On, Go Vote!

God took Ezekiel and moved him into the Inner Court of the temple. He showed him the abominations going on behind closed doors… God sees all. And He’s had enough. Did you know that there is a secret “Rest” for the children of God. It is imperative that we contend for it! (MORE)

11/07 Aaron’s Last Tweet / New Q Post! / The Cheat is Already On! / National Guard Activated!

Because Jesus became Human, He fully identifies with us. It allows us to become Brothers and Sisters and joint heirs. The magnitude of what we truly possess is astounding. If we really knew how much power we possess as joint heirs with the King of Kings!… (MORE)

11/04 Trump in Iowa! / Pakistan, South Korea, Brazil, US / Nancy Takedown? / Communion!

Ezekiel saw amazing things. Beings that weren’t human. Wheels within Wheels. Creatures. The Bible is astounding. Truly remarkable! Let’s explore together …and then take Communion as a family! (MORE)

11/03 America! Watch Brazil! / Odd Earthquake / Tucker on Biden’s Desperate Speech / Red Wave!

Man dies and meets Jesus face to face. He wasn’t a believer when he died. He felt the love of Christ…and became one! We try to “cookie cutter” the salvation experience… We cannot. God is calling us ALL to Himself right now! (MORE)

11/02 Brazil Military / Elon’s Costume / Pelosi Narrative Unravels / Kari Strong! / Katie Scared!

More on Babylon, stargates, portals and the newly announced smart city of “Neom”. All of this ties together Biblically. Christianity is fascinating! (If your church isn’t talking about Nephilim and the “Days of Noah”…You might want to find a new church! ) Because “…Men’s hearts will fail them for what they see coming upon the earth…” (MORE)

11/01 Brazil Revolts / Elon Frees Speech / Trump’s Promise / Q’s Five Year Delta! / Graphene Detox!

Babylon was located in modern day Iraq. Baghdad is a fascinating place. The search for “weapons of mass destruction” was really a search for portals and stargates. And…they were found. Babylon is more relevant than ever! (MORE)

October 2022

10/31 No Bolsonaro? / Elon Fires on Rogan / Paul’s Indiscretions / Diesel Disappearing!

There will be godlessness in the last days. We are there. It is now more important than ever to be spirit-filled. To be running toward God with everything you’ve got. The rapture bus hasn’t arrived…and things are heating up. Are you ready? (MORE)

10/28 Elon Cleans House / Fetterman Bombs / FB Loses $100B / Happy Q Day! / Communion!

The Joy of the Lord is your strength! We must take time to laugh. We must eat pasta. And …we must take communion. Join us! (MORE)

10/27 Rothschild Banks Collapsing / Elon’s Sink / Kanye’s Cancels / Trump Rallies / Megan’s Truth!

God is at Rest. All of this is playing out according to His will. Our job is to STAND and TRUST that “HE IS”. Watch until the end today… (MORE)

10/26 Human Teeth in McMuffins? / Egypt Nixes Dollar / US in Ukraine / “These Little Ones” Trailer!

Did you know your little ones have access to Heaven and to the Cloud of Witnesses? I truly believe that those “Imaginary Friends” they talk to could very well be Angels, or Hosts, or certainly departed loved ones, there to reassure them and help them remember Heaven…Children are the most pure and closest God. That’s what this whole war is about. It’s for the CHILDREN! (MORE)

10/25 Ukraine Soldiers Ordered to Kill Ukrainians / 7.8 Million Early Ballots? / QFS is LIVE!

God “hid” Jeremiah and Baruch. Jesus “hid” himself more than once. In the midst of an angry mob about ready to kill him, Jesus just DISAPPEARED. Wouldn’t that come in handy today, considering the times we are living in? Let’s explore this “spiritual superpower”… (MORE)

10/24 QFS Live? / China Eyes Taiwan / Trump Coms / Arrest Incoming? / IRS Caught! / New Variant!

It’s the Lord’s turn. He will be cleaning house, restoring Judah and Israel and taking care of us in the midst of the Storm. And believe me…The Storm IS here! Buckle up! (MORE)

10/21 The Unseen Realm / Truss Resigns / Elon’s Rise / Japan Sky / Panama Earthquake / Communion!

Even as the Lord sent Judah into captivity, He still had plans to prosper them. To give them hope and a future. He will restore, after discipline. I believe it is the same for us today… Did you know the Bible talks about “The Storm”? (MORE)

10/20 CDC Atrocities / Durham Done? / Epstein FBI? / Schumann Resonance / Giants! / Storm is Here!

There is a world leader coming. The Lawless One…Who will sit in the Temple in Jerusalem and declare himself God. The stage is now being set. We are all alive to witness “The Great Deception.” Lying signs and wonders abound. Get ready! (MORE)

10/19 Panic in DC! / Ye Calls Out Soros / Saudi Joins BRICS? / “We See You” / Khazarians vs Israel!

The times we are living in call for us to break free from “Religion” and step up into the real Cosmic story. The Lord is exposing. He is “flipping tables” once again. For the average Christian, this can be very unsettling. My encouragement today is to listen to this entire broadcast. Get counsel from the Holy Spirit. Ask for discernment. We truly are stepping into a “NEW AGE”. Let’s not be afraid to access Heaven! That is where you came from…It’s where you belong. (MORE)

10/18 Ye Parler! / Durham Goes After FBI / Boston Creates Worse Covid? /MTG on Fire! / The Chosen!

Whether we are here for Tribulation or not, the Word is clear on the fact that The Day of The Lord will come. To the asleep, it will come as a sudden destruction. To those of us who are children of Light, it will not surprise us. Either way, let us be prepared. It is absolutely coming! (MORE)

10/17 Ye! / Cowardly Katie / Khazarian Truths / Vaxx Deaths Go MSM / Military Planes / Those CATS!

There is coming a day when Yeshua will split the sky wide open and bring those who have died in the faith with Him. Those of us who are still alive will meet the Lord in the air. Comfort each other with these words. It’s gonna get crazy from now until then! You are alive for “Such a Time as This!” (MORE)

10/14 FBI Explosions! / Pfizer Exposed / Ukrainian Nazis / AOC Humbled / Crimea Terrorist Arrest!

When you are tired of the chaos on Earth, if you are a son of God, then your citizenship is in Heaven. And you can go there. The apostle Paul did. So did John. Read Revelation 4. He was “in the spirit” and was taken up into Heaven. He saw the throne, the 24 Elders, the living creatures and the crystal sea. This is a REAL place! And our Citizenship is Heaven. More and more people are accessing the secret wisdom of this place, and are remembering who we are. Let’s explore this together and then take communion! (MORE)

10/13 FB is Terrorist Organization / VAXX Truths Mainstream / Saudi Rejects Biden / Gitmo is BUSY!

God makes it clear all throughout the Old Testament that He is “The Lord of Heaven’s armies.” That means they exist. Churches today are doing people such a disservice by not talking about this, and not preparing their congregations for what is coming. And coming soon. We must know how to test the spirits. There is a cosmic war for this planet, and it is about to spill into the public! Are we ready? (MORE)

10/12 JFK Sr Nails Truth / 665 FBI Agents Resign / Portals in a Mall? / Fake Ukraine Footage!

Colossians 2 and 3 have amazing glimpses into who humans really are. We are to fix our thoughts on things of Heaven, not on Earth. We are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Western Christianity waters down the Truth of the Gospel. But ALL things hidden are about to be REVEALED! (MORE)

10/11 UV Lights / Med Beds / JFK-Trump Connection / Underworld Cave! / Scavino Hints Crazy!

Colossians 1 is a rich treasure chest of meat for the mature believer. There are mysteries there. You have an inheritance stored up for you. Yeshua was the firstborn heir. And now you have the same ability as a son. You have the fullness of Christ inside your heart. Christ in YOU…the hope of glory! (MORE)

10/10 Ukraine Infrastructure Down / Pre-2016 Traitors / Stellar Online! / PayPal Goes Communist!

There are several secrets in Philippians 4… The peace that passes understanding, as well as the secret of contentment in all circumstances, and also the secret to giving. It is CREDITED to your Heavenly bank account! Let’s dig deeper… (MORE)

10/07 Nuclear Armageddon? / Rogan Truths / Kanye and Tucker / Deputizing Thousands! / Communion!

No one has all Truth, except the Holy Spirit. Steve and I do our best, but I occasionally miss the mark in the news. Apologize. But Scripture IS TRUTH, and we have to toughen up in America. Matthew 24 persecution and martyrdom has been happening for decades in other countries. Are we prepared for it here, should it come to that? ” (MORE)

10/06 NESARA Facts / Dry Euphrates? / Elon Trolls Trump / SEALs Sink FEMA Barge / Nuke Standoff!

We are watching Matthew 24 play out before our very eyes! Prophecy is being fulfilled on an hourly basis. Who would have thought that WE would be the Revelation Generation? Well, it’s time to look up…But don’t be deceived. Project Blue Beam will be convincing. Do you KNOW Him?? (MORE)

10/05 Putin Breaks NATO Feed! / Q Drop Deltas / Eugene Yu Arrested / Kash Exposes FBI!

Isaiah 61 was quoted by Jesus. And it should be quoted by you and I. This is our mandate. Let’s explore some of the cool, hidden parts of the passage. There are secrets there! We have exciting days ahead! (MORE)

10/04 Shutting C19 Clinics / DeSantis: Q Phones? / FBI Exposed / Twisted Baptists / See JFK?!

Isaiah 59 and 60 are crucial passages of scripture, when you look between the lines. Arise and Shine is a command for this time in history. Why? Because “…Thick darkness is over the peoples, but the GLORY of the Lord rises upon you…” (MORE)

10/03 Snake Eyed Prince / Bolsonaro For The Win / Trump’s Hints / Giant Helmets and Light Portals!

Fasting and honoring the Sabbath are two things unfamiliar to the Western Church. These spiritual weapons bring the favor and protection of the Almighty. And we need that protection right now, more than ever before! (MORE)

September 2022

09/30 It’s 17 Everywhere / Ian’s Wrath Isn’t Over / Coolio Murdered? / CCP Police Stations in US!

Isaiah pinpointed the “Man of Sorrow” with amazing accuracy. He looked through the telescope of time and saw that Jesus would be marred beyond human recognition. As we take communion today, Know that “All we, like sheep have gone astray, and the Lord has laid upon him the iniquity of us all.” (MORE)

09/29 Sabotage! / Sum of All Fears / Lettuce Not! / NY Post Exposes Clinton Cabal / Ian’s Wrath!

Ephesians 1 speaks of our inheritance, promised by the Seal of the Holy Spirit, the Guarantee. Christ is about to unite all things in heaven and on Earth. We are caught up in this amazing cosmic story, and are on the Earth Timeline for Such a Time as This! (MORE)

09/28 Doomsday Plane / Putin’s Threat / Fentanyl Candy / Pedophilia is Rampant!

God is doing a new thing… And the Remnant is ready. The Storm is finally here. We must be a light in the darkness, and a hope to the hopeless. Let us not grow weary in well-doing. It is our opportunity to lead many to spiritual safety. (MORE)

09/27 Chris Rock: Reptilian / Trump on Twitter? / Chinese Fighter Jets / Graphene & 5G!

Isaiah prophesied King Cyrus 100 years before his birth. By Name. Trump is compared to a modern day Cyrus. When you read Isaiah 45, you understand why! Scripture is amazing. We also looked at Galatians 5 today. Life by the Spirit is so much better than life by the flesh… (MORE)

09/26 FBI Raids Biden’s Enemies / Fires War on Food & Oil / Military in London / Juan’s Points!

Those who are in Christ are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. But as long as the heir is a child he is nothing more than a slave. It’s Rosh Hashanah… And time to grow! (MORE)

09/23 Casket Flags / They’re NOT Human / FBI Whistleblower Fired / Crimes Against Humanity!

My spirit is on fire today! I have been praying in the spirit. It’s time for the WARRIORS to ARISE. This is a spiritual battle, and it must be fought with “…weapons of warfare that are not carnal, but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” 2 Cor. 10:4 So…Let’s take Communion and gain SPIRITUAL STRENGTH! (MORE)

09/22 Cartels are Terrorists / Wicked Entities / Project Blue Beam / Sealed Book in Times Square!

Paul was caught up to the third heaven. It exists. There are Hosts. Good ones and evil ones. 2/3 to 1/3. ( Spoiler Alert: We win…) Pray for our militaries. They are encountering both. And the 1/3 are pure EVIL! (MORE)

09/21 Queen Died 2017? / Was Melania, Diana? / FB Deletes Derek Johnson / Putin Goes Nuclear!

I saw Yeshua RISING FROM HIS THRONE. When the Lord gives me a glimpse of what is taking place in the Heavens, it always knocks me out. Forgive my emotion today… (MORE)

09/20 Funeral Anomalies / Camilla’s Mask / Mexico Earthquakes / Shutting Down the Matrix in 3,2,1…!

We are here. Finally Here. The Storm is real, and we are ready. Stay close to your tribe, and be ready to help those around you. Eyes open…stay Buckled! (MORE)

09/19 Who Can Legally Change the USA Flag? / HAARP Weather / Sept 19=CastleLock / Babies Know!

The Lord is calling each of us to a quiet place so that we can discern HIS voice. Turn off the noise, and listen to YHWH. It is imperative in these times to hear Him. (MORE)

09/16 BoysTown Trial / Reptilian Monarchy? / Kent Christmas Prophecy / Communion!

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. But they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.” 2 Cor. 10:5 The war is real! Both in the natural and the spiritual. God is calling up His end time army. We are being purified by fire, and given spiritual weapons. The time is NOW! (MORE)

09/15 Illegals in Martha’s Vineyard / Putin & Zelenski #!@%! / Luciferace Tracking?! / Nunes Knows!

How does it feel to be the Last Generation? To be the ones that are on the planet for Such a Time and Task as This? Psalm 107…”Give thanks to the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!” (MORE)

09/14 Sex Sting / Pillow Guy Sting! / 9-11 Pre-Programming / Denver Bug Out Bags? / Juan Called!

The Lord is calling the Remnant to walk in Holiness…To come out from among them and be separate. It is imperative that we are able to hear the Lord’s voice and stay in His protection. The battle is THE LORD’S. THE TIME IS NOW… (MORE)

09/13 Numbered Bugs!? / Trump’s Q / Schools Under Attack / The King’s Hands / New York Today!

As God’s Glory hits the streets, we will see mass revival of the worst of criminals. There will be Saul / Paul conversions …Get ready. Cities will be transformed! We have incorruptible bodies waiting for us. Whether this side of the veil or the other…We WIN! Every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is LORD! (MORE)

09/12 Gold is Back! / Who Made $4.5B on 9-11? / Q at Congress? / Bushwhacked at Dad’s Funeral!

Kent Christmas is a powerful prophet. You must hear what God is saying right now. It will encourage you! God is a righteous judge. He will shelter His own, as He takes care of His enemies… And there ARE enemies everywhere. This movie is crazy! (MORE)

09/09 Queen Truth / Steve Bannon / Justin Bieber / Pilots Dying / Kari Lake / Derek Johnson!

In Isaiah 9, he prophesied details of Jesus’ Birth 700 years before it happened. He saw it. (Time Travel existed then, and it still exists today…) God allows us to partner with him in his endless triumph. 2 Cor.2 speaks to the fact that we are a sweet aroma to those who are being saved and the stench of death to the wicked who are perishing. Quite a contrast! Let’s take Communion… (MORE)

09/08 Climate False Flags / Jen’s Nightmares / Objects in Vax / Brazil Unified! / Project Pelican!

1 Thessalonians 5 has a specific message for us today. “Now, may the God of peace and harmony set you apart, making you completely holy. And may your entire being-spirit, soul, and body-be kept completely flawless in the appearing of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. The one who calls you by name is trustworthy and will thoroughly complete his work in you.” 1 Thes 5:23-24 (MORE)

09/07 Kash Patel / What Storm? / Tesla Coils? / Tap Water in Jackson / Rainbow Fentanyl!

Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on His throne. He also interacted with 6 winged Creatures called Seraphim. Isaiah saw them saying, “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord of HOSTS. The whole Earth is full of his Glory!” Heaven is a REAL place, FULL of fascinating creatures. (MORE)

09/06 NIH Website Adds Ivermectin? / Embalmers Find Strange Clots / Sept 24th? / CGI technology!

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to over 500 people at once. He was the first fruit. He destroyed death. Jesus defeated every throne, power and dominion. All things are subject to him…Hallelujah! (MORE)

09/05 6.6 in China / Derek Johnson Wins / Zombie Deer / Sept 3 Deaths? / 5G Eiffel Tower!

There is a very thin veil between this dimension and the Heavenly realm. The cloud of witnesses that Hebrews 12:1 describes is VERY REAL. Heaven is VERY REAL. Watch this video, and I will prove it to you through my 10 month old Granddaughter…You will be ENCOURAGED! (MORE)

09/02 Biden’s Creepy Speech / Trump’s Response / Stars Sold Their Souls / Watch TikTok For THIS!

We take Communion on Fridays as a Sealed Book Family. It is important to understand why. The Lord gave us a Supernatural Gift in this small simple act of obedience. Please Join us Today! (MORE)

09/01 Open Border: More Hard Truths / NSA Deploys Security for Elections?! / Entities!

In today’s crazy times, it is absolutely imperative that we have a solid relationship with our Maker. Song of Solomon invites you on a secret journey. Time to get alone with our Shephard Prince and hear His voice. Stay Centered. The Storm is here. (MORE)

August 2022

08/31 Real Border Crises / Geostorm Trailer / Mike Tyson Conservative? / Trump’s Telling Truths!

Psalm 103 clearly differentiates between Angels and “Hosts of Heaven”. Angels are “Mighty Ones who do His bidding and obey His word”. Heavenly Hosts are “His servants who do His will.” Praise the Lord, O my soul. We are absolutely not alone in the Universe! (MORE)

08/30 Key FBI Agent Fired / More Flooding / Gov Kemp Criminal Grand Jury!

Psalm 103 is a scripture we all need to memorize and Speak daily. Getting your soul to settle down and “Be Still” is the key to meditation. It is critical to hear the voice of the Lord…There is nothing to fear. Romans 8! (MORE)

08/29 Zuck Spills on Rogan / Two Fauci’s / Feds Panic-Driven J6 Arrests / This Redaction is Nuts!

Psalm 103 is a scripture we all need to memorize and Speak daily. Scripture is activated when it is spoken with authority and belief. THAT is the key to accessing its treasures and activating the angelic realms around you. They respond to the WORD…not our thoughts. (MORE)

08/26 Fresh Meat With Worms! / Bush Admits Govt Lies / Monkeypox Pics? / New Amazon Tech!

King Solomon’s sin caused great depression in his life. Soul Ties are real, and are dangerous! Thank the Lord that we can be free! Let’s take Communion today… (MORE)

08/25 Project Blue Beam Deception is Here! / Granite Giant / Bush Nazi / Crickets for Children?!

Have you ever really read Job 41? God devotes a whole chapter to the description of his most fearsome creation: Leviathan. I am convinced that not only does this dragon-like creature exist, but it is probably about to show up on the scene. Are you ready? (MORE)

08/24 Crazy Floods / Trump 26-0 / Healthcare Needed for Trafficking Survivors / Cloaking!

Sexual sin is deadly, because it creates havoc inside the body and opens demonic doors. 1 Cor 6 speaks to this. My 3R’s Retreat in September helps break “Soul Ties”. It’s important for your Spiritual Freedom! Register now at (MORE)

08/23 Fauci Resigns / Schwab Exposed / Cancer Skyrockets – Collapses Covid Narrative / End of CPS?!

In Job 38,The Lord answers Job and speaks of Pleiades and Orion. He makes us aware of the Morning Stars singing and the sons of God shouting for joy… Paul speaks of being in Corinth in spirit, but not in body. There are so many things in scripture that our churches do not teach. The Sealed Book is open for those with ears to hear and eyes to see… (MORE)

08/22 Mike Lindell “Inside the Machines” / Tik Tok Records Passwords / CNN Spiral / FBI Backfire!

There is a secret wisdom that is available. It is taught by the Spirit, and it is spiritually discerned…therefore it is foolishness to those who are unspiritual. God is opening up the mysteries to those that are seeking. The Sealed Book is doing just that… (MORE)

08/19 Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, US News / Geysers or Meteors? / Trafficking at the Top!

God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. For those that are “In Christ”, the Lord is opening up amazing mysteries. We are in for glorious times ahead! These are the days of the “Greater Works”… (MORE)

08/18 Solar Flare / HAARP / Cheney Net Worth / Children Targeted / Clergy Sexual Abuse!

Righteousness and Justice are the foundations of the Lord’s throne. And our citizenship is in Heaven. It is imperative that we stay sane by rising above it all. Look Up! (MORE)

08/17 Cheney Fired! / Nunes Says Dismantle It / Queen is MIA / Anne Heche Was Murdered.

The Oceans Roar, The Trees Sing, The Earth Worships. Did you know that you can be caught up into the Third Heaven? Paul talks about not being sure he was in his body or out of his body…but he was taken to Heaven and shown secrets and mysteries that mortals can’t discuss… Wow. Let’s explore this more! (MORE)

08/16 Vax Hoax Exposed / New CDC Guidelines? / Anne Heche / Comey-Hillary Throwback / Solar Flare!

James 5… The first several verses blew my mind today. God Sees. And Justice is coming. The Storm is brewing! (MORE)

08/15 The Pit / FBI Whistleblowers / Absolute Truth on Fox? / Q Post 34 Explained!

As the Storm begins to rage, it is imperative that we stay close to the Lord. Did you know we are seated with him in Heavenly Realms? There is so much more to “Relationship with Christ” than we were led to believe. Let’s dig deeper, and Praise Him in the Storm! (MORE)

08/12 Japanese Govt Resigns / Tucker on Cattle Mutilations / Doctors Drop Dead / 1st Arrest…!

We must remain steady and poised during the shaking. Be ready. Be vigilant. Know your neighbors and HAVE A PLAN. But rest in the Lord, knowing that Vengeance is His…It’s a tall order, but we are here for Such a Time as This! Let’s take Communion… (MORE)

08/11 Dumping Baby Formula?! / Costa Rica – Mandatory Vax Illegal! / Depopulation Agenda! / JFK!

The Patriot movement calls it “The Storm”. But the Bible describes it as “The Shaking.” Hebrews 12 speaks of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken emerging out of the chaos. There are dark days ahead. But God wins! The key is to have intimate relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! (MORE)

08/10 Crooked Epstein Judge / The Boomerang / The Precedent is SET!

Psalm 94:1-6 “O Lord, God of vengeance, O God of vengeance, shine forth! Rise up, O judge of the earth; repay to the proud what they deserve! O Lord, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult? They crush your people, O Lord, and afflict your heritage. They kill the widow and the sojourner, and murder the fatherless…” (MORE)

08/09 Trump Reverse Sting? / DeSantis vs Soros / Shipping Containers / How To Enter Evidence!

The Lord puts on Strength like a Belt. We are watching the Lord exercise His will in the Earth. There are some who are created as objects of wrath, so He can accomplish HIS purposes. Our job is to armor up and Pray without ceasing! For Such a Time as THIS! (MORE)

08/08 Lake Official! / Cheney Next / Biden Lies / Wray Grilled / Proof US and DNC Created C-19!

As the World is shaking, we are reminded in Romans 8 that All Creation is Groaning for the Sons of God to be made manifest. We are those Sons, and we we have been predestined. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ! This is good news! It is the crux of the Gospel of the Kingdom… (MORE)

08/05 UN War on Conspiracy / Cheney vs Trump – Discern / Crazy Nancy / Crazy Lightning / COMMUNION!

The book of Job gives us some interesting insight. Many Sons of God, a hedge of protection that is temporarily lifted, and a man that’s first inclination when hit with calamity is to WORSHIP. There are some significant lessons here. As the World shakes, we must learn to trust our Father, and trust our gut. Learn to Discern! (MORE)

08/04 Maricopa / Mandatory Vax 2023? / Biden EO / Cancer Cure! / Chinese Flex / Dutch Distress!

Psalm 91 is Truth. When you tie it to Romans 6, it creates a beautiful picture of being dead to sin and alive in Christ. We have been given such a glorious GIFT! We have been given righteousness… (MORE)

08/03 Biblical Blood Rivers and Pestilence / Kari Lake! / Pilot Collapses! / Future Church?!

In the story of Esther, a couple of banquets and a few bottles of wine saved a nation. It’s amazing when you have bold beauty, and a willing heart. (Kind of Like women like Kari Lake and Laura Logan. ) Today’s broadcast showcases a couple of these modern day “Esthers”. (MORE)

08/02 Pelosi in Taiwan / Eyes on Arizona! / Creatures / Giant Footprints / A Nephilim Army?!

Esther was there “For such a time as this.” We are there once more. Aug 2, 1776 was when the Declaration of Independence was signed. There are many things happening that are critical right now! It’s time to step as a Son or Daughter of the Most High and PRAY! (MORE)

08/01 Pelosi Crazy / Tedros Depraved / Gaetz Justice / Third Political Party? / TX-AZ Migrants!

Romans 1 clearly states that eventually God gives people over to their own depravity. We are watching people literally go crazy. Scripture is being fulfilled before our very eyes! (MORE)

July 2022

07/29 Dutch Uprising / North Korea Flexes / 2 Bidens / Masks Again? / True Prophets Speak!

At the end of this broadcast are two videos. One is a compilation of prophetic words from Kim Clement, Kent Christmas and Tim Sheets. The other is from an ex-satanic high priest. You should hear them! … And then take Communion with your Sealed Book Family! (MORE)

07/28 Vaxx Results on MSM / Medical Whistleblowers / Trump’s Air Q / Parents are Rising!

Psalm 89:5 “Let the heavens praise your wonders, O Lord, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones! For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord? Who among the heavenly beings is like the Lord…” I still contend…we are NOT alone in the Universe! (MORE)

07/27 Another Biden Clone? / Clay Clark?! / Joe Rogan Slams TikTok / Trump in DC!

There are many false prophets that have been “hired” by the enemy. It happened in Nehemiah’s day, and it is still happening today. We must hone our gift of discernment, and know that the LORD of HEAVEN’S ARMIES is on the move! We are in the STORM…Stay Buckled. (MORE)

07/26 Early Election Results? / Starbucks Closings / Hero with a Gun / Pelosi’s Band of Thieves!

Nehemiah had to teach the people to build with a stone in one hand and a sword in the other. When we commit to rebuild the temple (Ours)… There WILL ALWAYS be opposition! Are you feeling it? Press in! Press up! It’s worth it… (MORE)

07/25 Fires, Floods and Volcanoes / Trump’s Speech / Bio Weapons / Gaetz Has The Laptop / WWIII!

We are still dealing with the same problems Ezra talked about… Hybrids intermingling with humans. It’s all throughout the Old testament. And it’s not taught in churches! I wonder why?… (MORE)

07/22 HAARP / Border / Guns / NCSWIC / Kim Clement / Communion!

As the Storm strengthens, we are assured that God is in charge of it all. The prophecy of Kim Clement regarding the Summer of Exposure and shaking is particularly relevant right now. Listen, and then join the Sealed Book Family in Communion today. (MORE)

07/21 QFS vs Great Reset / Russia Preps for Attack / Michael Obama! / Clinton Cabal on MSM!

When you try to rebuild the temple…You will always have “adversaries”. The Lord is your helper. He will guide you through the Storm. Take comfort in HIS Counsel…He will see you through! (MORE)

07/20 Rothschild Confronted / Hoover Dam Explosion / Strange Fires / Breathe and Laugh With Me Today!

God raised up King Cyrus, the heathen King of Persia so that His word by Jeremiah would be fulfilled. He knew Cyrus, even though Cyrus didn’t know Him. It’s the same with Trump. He’s a modern day Cyrus. (MORE)

07/19 What Juan O’ Savin Said / WEF Depopulation / Kari Lake Exposes!

We have the ability to trust that the Lord Hears us when we cry out to Him. America is in a “Near Death Experience”, and God is watching, listening and answering our prayers! Do you know Him as Savior? (MORE)

07/18 Who Co-Owns Vax? / Leaked Biden Threats / DJT Assassination Attempt / New Scavino!

Paul raises a young boy who fell 3 stories out of a window back to life. I long for the day when the collective faith of the American Church,( along with bold disciples ) allows for these types of miracles to be commonplace, like they were in the New Testament! This passage is particularly emotional for me….Watch today’s broadcast to find out why… (MORE)

07/15 Sock Puppet Gaffs / Indian, Italian Farmers Fight / Italy PM Resigns / Exposure / Communion!

There was an authority and power the disciples walked in. Paul’s handkerchiefs healed and delivered people. Peter’s shadow healed. Philip disappeared and landed in another city. These things are still possible. And about to occur. There is a Remnant rising! (MORE)

07/14 Fentanyl is DEADLY / Vaxxes Too / Putin’s Special Op / Pre-flood Trees / Pics of Space!

The Heavens Continually pour forth speech. Heaven’s Courts are Real. There are two separate baptisms. Do you have the HOLY SPIRIT? If not, you need Him now, more than ever. We are walking through The Storm. (MORE)

07/13 NYC Prepares For Nuclear Attack / Pedo Pete Goes Mainstream / President Newsome?!

When we look at Scripture through the eyes of the Biblical writers, and not our modern theology, it makes much more sense. We don’t have to “dismiss” those passages that make no sense. Many gods? Many “sons”? Huh?! (MORE)

07/12 World Leaders Exposed / FBI Exposed / Gates Exposed / Jailhouse Rock!

One of the things that is being “Shaken” is our theology. Psalm 80 will shake some of our foundations, if we really read it. Many Sons? Many gods? What in the World?? …Exactly. (MORE)

07/11 More Crazy Creatures! / Curiosities About Abe / Protests Around the World / Vatican on Fire!

Humanity is the Central Character in an ancient Cosmic Story that is unfolding before our eyes. Did you know that Adonai had a Divine Counsel, and He asked their advice? The Host of Heaven were around the Throne giving out suggestions. The Old Testament is fascinating! … No wonder it’s not taught in Western Churches! (MORE)

07/08 Abe Assassinated / Droughts Here, Floods There / Odd Creature?! / Boos For Boris / Communion!

In the time of the Acts of the apostles, the evidence of the Lord’s salvation was the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. So many of our churches do not teach this. Why? They have ” a form of godliness but deny its power.” We need the Holy Spirit now more than ever before! (MORE)

07/07 Georgia Guidestones Demolished / Texas Border Invasion / Trump Plane / Dutch Farmers Revolt!

King Solomon’s Wealth is VERY relevant today! Did you know they discovered a 1500 mile tunnel from The Vatican to Jerusalem? 150 Miles, 60 feet high…Full of Gold. Enough to stabilize and back all the currencies of the World. Nesara / Gesara is right around the corner! (MORE)

07/06 Boris / Birds Carrying Vials of Plagues / Biden Sues Arizona / China Buying Our Farmland?!

Did you know there are “Sons of the Devil”? They are mentioned in Genesis 3:15. Jesus talks about them in the parable of the Wheat and the Tares, in Matthew 13. Paul addresses one in Acts 13 and strikes him blind. Would you know one if you saw one? They are still here, and stronger than ever. They are among you. (MORE)

07/05 Tide is Turning! / Omar Booed / Melania Comms / Watermark / Masks / Trump Was Right!

There are signs everywhere. We are now rapidly moving toward the shift. And it is BIG! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is shaking the Earth. Can you feel it? Are you ready? (MORE)

07/04 Happy Independence Day! / SCOTUS! / Something’s Coming!

I get the feeling something big is about to break loose. America is at the precipice. God is adjusting and re-calibrating all of us. And sometimes it includes loss. Grieve, and keep moving forward. We are… We must! (MORE)

07/01 Crazy Airports / Q Back! / Tide Turning / Mysterious Deaths / Trump Files Suit / Communion!

Adjusting to being back in Chaotic America… We are bracing for the incoming storm. Can you feel it? We are not of this world. And to know that Yeshua is on the move is a comforting thought. Let’s take communion as a family today! (MORE)

June 2022

06/28 Hezekiah’s Tunnels / Holy of Holies / The book of Tobias / SEE This Beautiful Land!

Join me for the Final Day of this Special Trip to Israel! Day Nine!
From far below in Hezekiah’s Tunnels, to the Holy of Holies, we covered a lot of ground on this last day. You know how I am always pointing out the books that were removed from the Bible? Well, you’ll get to see a Bible from 1534 with the book of Tobias still in it. AND I’ll show you one of the most beautiful overviews of this Beautiful Land! (MORE)

06/27 From Abraham to Yeshua… Following in their steps, and walking in their paths…

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Eight!
This entire journey has been about tracing origins… Not just back to Jesus, but all the way back to Abraham. We did both today… (MORE)

06/26 Church of the Sepulcher where the “Religion of Christianity” was born in 325 AD.

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Seven!
The Holy Church of the Sepulcher is Constantine’s version of Christianity. That false form of Christianity was born here. Come experience it with me… You decide… (MORE)

06/25 The Old City / Jaffa’s Gate / David’s Citadel / Nehemiah’s Wall / The Western Wall!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Six!
A day in the Old City starts at the Jaffa Gate. We see part of Nehemiah’s wall, David’s Citadel, to the Western Wall… and right up to Shabbat! (Which is why there won’t be a broadcast tomorrow…) (MORE)

06/24 Beit Guvrin, the Bell Caves / Excavating What King Solomon Built / A Beautiful Winery!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Five!
In Beit Guvrin we explored the Bell Caves and climbed deep into the caves at Maresha… unexcavated caves built by King Solomon. And we wrap up at a beautiful winery! (MORE)

06/23 Israel Special! Day Four: Peter, Feed My Sheep / Mary of Magdala / Kim Clement!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Four!
We were at the place on the Sea of Galilee where Jesus said “Peter, Feed my Sheep”. And in Magdala at the sanctuary built by Mary of Magdala (or Mary the Magdalene). Join me on a boat on the Sea of Galilee… AND remember this prophecy Kim Clement in 2014? The Strange July is coming! (MORE)

06/22 Israel Special! Day Three: The Ancient Mystical City of Sefad / And More!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Three!
We visited the ancient mystical city Sefad… I discovered what a Talid is … And then there is the Mystical Art. (MORE)

06/21 Israel Special! Day Two: The Tribe of Dan / Abraham’s Gate!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day Two!
The Temple of Dan & Abraham’s Gate / Who Do You Say That I Am? / Cave of Pan / Upon this Rock! (MORE)

06/20 Israel Special! Day One from Tiberias and The Sea of Galilee!

Join me for this Special Trip to Israel! Day One! (MORE)

06/17 Hybrid Baby / Revlon Bankrupt / Coke Exits Russia / Small Pox vax = Aids / Masks / Communion!

There is nothing new under the sun. We still have a tendency to “Go after other gods.” Jesus purchased so much more than we have been told. Do you know that He is enthroned at the right hand of the Father until His enemies are made His footstool? I think we are just about there! Let’s take Communion. (MORE)

06/16 Dead Cattle / Crisis Actors Needed / Fauci Has Covid / Gold! / People are Rising!

I explain what I saw yesterday that completely whacked me during my prayer. Jesus is King of Heaven. Champion of all creation. One angel took out 185,000 men in one night. We are going to be alright… (MORE)

06/15 Gun Grab! / Who is Ray Epps? / Madyson at Military Tribunals / Children taken!

After his Resurrection, Jesus hung out and taught for 40 days. Imagine what happened on the day of His ascension. Spoiler Alert: He’s coming back with Power and Authority! He will split the sky wide open, and the whole world will see it! Are you ready? (MORE)

06/14 Bieber / 46 Biolabs / 1st Arrest Will Shock the World / Markets Tumbling / CNN Craters!

We are in the middle of the Storm. Everything that can be shaken, WILL be shaken. Do you belong to the Kingdom that cannot be shaken? If your citizenship is in Heaven, you have access to a whole other narrative! (MORE)

06/13 Biden’s Report Card / Our Guns / Ryan Kelley arrested / Bitcoin Sues Fed / Nunes Pelosi!

Watch these prophecies by Kim Clement, and you will have great PEACE! It had to be this way. Only at the precipice do we find the will to change. Uh… I think we are there! (MORE)

06/10 Hoover Dam, 9-11? / Next Covid “Wave”/ China Flooding / Strawberry Moon / Communion!

Jesus belongs to ANOTHER KINGDOM. And we are invited. As the World shakes, I am so grateful that I am a citizen of another place. Heaven! Let’s do Communion… (MORE)

06/09 Natl Guard / P Pelosi Arrested / WH Exits / Southern Border Invasion / The Fool McConaughey!

Elisha shows us what we are capable of today. He was able to know the plans of the enemy. He could also see in the spiritual realm, the ANGEL ARMIES. I believe there is a time coming SOON when more of us will be able to walk as Elisha walked. And do the things Elisha did… (MORE)

06/08 Reptilians? / Biden Military? /Birth Certificates in Uvalde? / Cancer Breakthrough!

Jesus pray for you. Did you know that? The glory that was given to Him, He gave to us. John 17 is a fascinating chapter! As the world’s systems collapse, a Kingdom that cannot be shaken is emerging! (MORE)

06/07 Spacey Extradited / Sussman Treason? / Elon Exposes Twitter / WWIII Scare!

As we continue to see the World’s systems collapsing, it is more important than ever to lean on the Holy Spirit. He is our comforter and counselor. He will guide us into all Truth! (MORE)

06/06 Elon’s Crazy Tweets / Gun Grab / QFS on Alexa / Will You Comply? / Davos Video…Ugh!

Jesus promised the Holy Spirit. The comforter, the counselor. The Spirit of Truth. We are heading toward the final clash between Good and Evil. We need the Hosts of Heaven and the Holy Spirit now more than ever! Do you know Him? (MORE)


This updated New Lobstr Training includes all the recent changes in the process. In the Description Box is the link to the Google Doc that contains the assets discussed. (MORE)

06/03 Trudeau Gun Grab / Walmart Tunnels / Biden Actor / More False Flags / Communion!

Q told us what to expect. There are riots coming. EBS. Military is the only way. We know this in advance. Do not panic. Be at peace. We are SONS. We can affect the atmosphere around us! Let’s take Communion… (MORE)

06/02 Kash on Gutfeld / John Trump with Tesla’s Docs / Trump – Assange? / Advanced Military!

Kim Clement prophesied that the Wall wouldn’t be completed. He also prophesied a wealth transfer. Iran you have wicked plans…And the Lord sees it all! (MORE)

06/01 Putin – Stonehenge? / Queen Reptilian? / Sussman not Guilty?! / Uvalde Nefarious!

When Lazarus was resurrected, he drew massive crowds. Where is he today? Where are all the people that were resurrected at the Crucifixion? There is so much more to the Bible than meets the eye! All things hidden are about to be revealed! (MORE)

May 2022

05/31 MonkeyPox / Chain Link Around SC / Egg Plant Burns / Wheat Shortage!

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. His relationship with Mary, Martha and Lazarus holds keys for what is about to take place. It’s going to be Biblical! (MORE)

05/30 Uvalde Crisis Actors / Tunnels Under the School / John Kennedy / Trump Covfefe!

Did you know that you are a GIFT from the Father to Yeshua? Many of us feel just the opposite. I have GOOD NEWS today! (MORE)

05/27 Davos / Diesel, Urea, DEF Shortage / Transhumanism in The Bible / Communion!

The “Elites” think they are creating something new. But transhumanism was prophesied by Daniel. There is truly nothing new under the sun. And … Yeshua is King of the Universe! (MORE)

05/26 False Flag Uvalde / Bernie Gores Has Died AGAIN? / Crypto Satellite / Dorsey Steps Down!

Jesus was able to create many creative miracles because of Desperate Need and Deep Faith. Those are coming. It is time to Arise and Shine (for there truly is thick darkness over the people.) The Lord is looking for those that are going to be His hands and feet. (MORE)

05/25 Shooting in Uvalde / Fire in Davos / Bitcoin Mining / Hate Speech and Gun Grab!

David fought 6 fingered Giants. They still exist today. Are you ready for what is coming upon the earth? It is going to require us to do the “Greater Things” that Jesus described. (MORE)

05/24 WEF Police? Gene Decode on Ripple and QFS / London Bridge / Pill with Nano?!

CEO of Pfizer explains new “Chip Technology” and WEF police are arresting. How does this all play out? London Bridge is falling down, and Yeshua is in charge! There is much being revealed to the Sons of God. We are being made manifest… Are you coming? (MORE)

05/23 Are These Mountains, Trees?! / Hillary in Trouble / CrocPox / Pelosi Banned from Communion!

As Monkey Pox starts hitting the news, we know the truth. Get ready for the next “Wave”. At the end of the day, we are alive for Such a Time as This! And…Frequencies are everywhere…All Creation is groaning! (MORE)

05/20 Elon Republican? / There’s Singing in Court / Twitter Exposed on Veritas / Formula in Mexico!

In the midst of the shaking and Chaos, we must take time to pause and rest. Jesus explains that whoever embraces Him, embraces the Father. There is something supernatural about Communion. (There are hidden mysteries in that act of obedience!) We take Communion together on Fridays. Please Join us! (MORE)

05/19 Markets Tumble / Elon Exposes Twitter / Constitutional Convention in DC? What is Going on?!

Jesus was constantly accessing the Quantum Realm. Today we look at a scripture about “Teleportation”. Seriously cool. The Word of God is amazing, when you really dig into it! (MORE)

05/18 Massive Tunnel Found / Klaus in Less Than Skivvies / Evergrande Collapse?/ QFS ON LINE NOW!

The Word of God is applicable and appropriate for what’s going on TODAY. It is not a dusty book from the past. It is living and active. Sharper than any double edged sword. And we are digging into what Yahweh has to say in this hour… The Wealth Transfer is at HAND! (MORE)

05/17 Pyramid found in Bermuda Triangle / Xi stepping down? / Durham / Elon / Bluetooth in Graves!

Jesus healed on the Sabbath. He was constantly picking a fight with the “religious leaders.” I believe that He’s still doing those same two things today. He is here… In the midst of THE STORM. (MORE)

05/16 False Flags / Tomb of Nimrod? Gilgamesh? / 35K Children Freed in Ukraine / Different Putin?!

Jesus went out of His way to find and talk to the Samaritan woman at the well. He still does that today. And it ties in to what is going on around the World. Buckle Up! The Storm is here! (MORE)


This is the “Special Edition Lobstr Training Q&A” with Amy Sever and Derek Lieck!

This Q&A answers many of the questions received in The Sealed Book Group Telegram Chat. If you have not joined that Telegram Chat, PLEASE use this link to join now: (MORE)

05/13 Bombshell! Russia & China Accuse US for Bioweapons / Biden is feeling the PEOPLE RISE!

Samuel was “summoned” by a Medium. So… It can be done. DON’T DO IT. There is so much more to the Biblical narrative, and how it COMPLETELY ties in to what is happening in today’s headlines! (MORE)

05/12 DS in Chaos! / New Mr. Pool Pics / PEADS / Insurrection Act / 5D Chess!

Trump is still in Charge… He never conceded. Now that 2000 Mules has been released, we should start seeing dominoes fall. Jesus was so cool. His first miracle was “Non Religious”… He turned water into wine! (MORE)

05/11 Oprah / Jill in Ukraine? / Abbot Declares State of Emergency / Arresting Mules!

As the Border collapses, and Billionaires are being exposed, God is speaking through Rich Strike. And… He SEES You! (MORE)

05/10 Trump on AF2? / What’s going on in the skies? / Lightfoot – A Call To Arms?!

The stolen election is on Fox News, and Potus arrives on Air Force 2? Strange Skies… What is going on? Exciting times! And Jesus is the creator and King of the Universe! (MORE)

05/09 Russian Victory Parade / 50 Year Jubilee / Kim Clement / Trump / The Markets!

As Russia declares victory over Nazism, we are in the middle of the 50 year Jubilee. There is freedom for the captives, and debt wiped away. We are alive at the most exciting time in the history of the world! There is a WEALTH TRANSFER about to take place! (MORE)

05/06 Bonfire Guy / Agag was a Nephilim / Communion!

Are you learning about QSI? The Wealth Transfer is Here! Here is a website that has tons of videos to help NEW FOLKS TO GET STARTED WITH ALL THINGS “WEALTH TRANSFER”… “The wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the righteous.” Proverbs 13:22 (MORE)

05/05 2000 Mules / Geo Tracking / SCOTUS Leak / POTUS Is Pres / DC-Hollywood Exposed!

The Supreme Court Leak was planned. It is a distraction from 2000 Mules…and a plot to further divide the Country. Or was it by the White Hats, used as a Catalyst? Are you learning about QSI? The Wealth Transfer is Here! All the while, Hollywood and DC are being exposed… (MORE)

05/04 DEWs / TR3B / Roe’s Deathbed Confession / 3 Lions Electrocuted?

Advanced Weapons and Ancient Giants as well as Wealth Transfer information make this an interesting Broadcast. Are we truly prepared for what is coming to the Earth? (MORE)

05/03 Fence around SCOTUS / Roe v Wade / WHO / John Deere / Air Q / Stellar!

The Storm is here. The Wealth Transfer is here. I hope you’re Buckled in. It’s going to be an explosive month! Roe vs Wade is a catalyst. Elon is a catalyst. Putin is a catalyst. Here it comes! Pray! (MORE)

05/02 Fenced Off FED / Earthquakes at CERN / Chrislam / Black Moon / Baphomet!

The Storm is here. We are seeing the evidence. Earthquakes, Wars, Rumors of Wars. Men’s hearts will fail them for what they see coming to the Earth… (MORE)

April 2022

04/29 Elon’s Mom / Sock Puppet / Tunnels / COVFEFE / Learn The Secret Power of Communion!

It’s Friday. And we, here in The Sealed Book, take a moment to pause and take Communion. With all the chaos in the world, it’s important to stop and connect to THE SOURCE! (MORE)

04/28 Noose Tightening on WEF graduates, Plus Fauci, Andrews, Gates… All Nervous!

God is in charge. And He has had enough of the harming of the little ones. We are alive at the most crucial time in the history of the world. Powers and Principalities are clashing. The angel armies are here. And Jesus is King! (MORE)

04/27 NESARA / Gold / Rainbow Currency Notes / TR3B in a firefight / We The People!

The Quantum Financial System is Real. CIPS is Real. We are approaching a financial flip. Are you ready to access the Wealth Transfer? Let’s learn together! There is so much more going on behind the scenes than we know. Wisdom is necessary! Ask the Lord for it… (MORE)

04/26 Mass Child Trafficking Grave / Earthquake in Paris / Theories on Elon / EO 13818!

Executive Order 13818 – Seizes the assets of anyone caught in Human Rights violations. This will play a major role in NESARA / GESARA, and the Biblical Wealth Transfer. We must seek WISDOM on how to access the “Wealth of the wicked, that has been laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22 (MORE)

04/25 France Riots after Steal / Markets Tumble / Food Plants on Fire / Elon’s Strategy!

The stolen election in France is USA 2.0. The Globalists have an agenda to depopulate the Earth, through any and all means necessary. Klaus Schwab even wrote a book about it! But God has other plans. And… God wins! (MORE)

04/22 Disney loses Power / Easter at the Whitehouse? / Zelenski / NATO Leaders?! / Communion!

This age is winding down. The Kingdom Age is arriving. As the Cabal falls, the Kingdom of Light rises. And there is a correct way to handle the Wealth Transfer. Jesus talks about it in Luke 16. It is time to become wise… (MORE)

04/21 Trump Interview / Mysterious Fires / Food Supply Issues / Surrogate Mothers!

Gideon’s 300 were chosen by the way they drank. Their eyes were up and watching. God is choosing an army right now. Are you part of that army? (MORE)

04/20 Nazi Families Infiltrated US / DUMBS Creatures / Antarctica / Pray for our Military!

Gideon was visited by a Being outside Earth- The Lord of Angel Armies… I suspect that very same Being, (as well as His armies) are back today, fighting in the tunnels alongside the elite Militaries of the World…And for GOOD REASON! (MORE)

04/19 No More Masks! / Mika’s Quote / Be Ready! / Durham / After Storm? Rainbow!

As the “Deborah’s and Jael’s Arise”, The Lord is raising up support systems around them. Each of us has a role to play in this hour! It’s time to pray…The Storm is Here. (MORE)

04/18 Shifty Schiff / #44, #45 / Flynn / Biden / Tippy Top!

We are wrapping up this war. And General Flynn corroborates Putin’s agenda. To take out the Nazis. They never died. As more exposure drips out, people are bracing for “The Storm.” And we are ready! (MORE)

04/15 Mr Pool Pics / China – Taiwan / Elon / Ed Buck / Justice coming soon!

As the world focuses on Twitter, Taiwan, Russia, New York, etc… Remember that it is Resurrection weekend. Spend time with your families and with the Lord. The world is about to shift into something very different. We are close now. Very Close! Stay prepared, and more importantly, stay Prayed Up! (MORE)

04/14 EXPOSURE! Disney, Hollywood, DC / Laptop / Shanghai / Ukraine / Message from Putin!

As new video and pics from the “deleted files” of the laptop surface, shock will turn to horror. The drip has become a flood. And wars and rumors of wars has never been more true. Buckle Up! It’s going to be a rough landing! (MORE)

04/13 False Flags Everywhere / Over the Target / Watch the Water-2!

These False Flags are proving that the DS is taking its last breath! Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. So make sure you are prepared. The Nephilim never left. Just sayin’…. (MORE)

04/12 Disney / Celine / Alien Artifact in Ukraine / Watch the Water!

There is much more than meets the eye in Ukraine! And As Darkness falls, the Lord reminds us that we have Dominion. We have control over the Weather. We can drink deadly poison and it will not affect us. It is time to Arise and Shine! (MORE)

04/11 Project Looking Glass / Simpsons / New York / Sum of All Fears!

Do Anons understand what’s about to be unleashed? We are getting closer and closer to events that will change our world forever. It is God who raises up Kings. And it is God who takes them down. Now is the time to be His Friend… (MORE)

04/08 LePen / Covid Lists / Queen’s Death Leaked / 3 Gorges Dam / Great Awakening / Communion!

Things that were on the “Board” years ago are now making Headlines. We know it is all about to happen. We are watching it unfold daily! We know there is a food crisis coming. God has been telling us to prepare… (MORE)

04/07 Abbott / Dr. Ardis / Warship has 2 UFOs / 450 Gigs / Election Fraud!

The prophetic dreams warn us to prepare for coming inflation, food shortages and earthquakes. We must heed and take the proper steps! Grow a garden this summer… Seriously. Shaking… Then Restoration! (MORE)

04/06 Elon / Flynn / Hunter / Putin / BRICS / Ripple / OAN Cancelled!

Seed of the Serpent? So much to uncover with regard to Khazaria (Ukraine). Putin is cutting off the head of the snake. No wonder the West hates him! Do not believe the news. We MUST have spiritual discernment in this hour! (MORE)

04/05 Trump Return / Watermarked Ballots / Who’s the Guy on Top of Mt. Rushmore?

The Watermarked Ballots are coming back into the spotlight. Mass exodus in the Biden administration. People are jumping ship. April will be an interesting month! It’s Time to Arise and Shine! (MORE)

04/04 Gold Mine in Siberia Ties Ruble to Gold / US Dollar No Longer the Standard / Trump Return?

Trump hints at “Something Big” many times. We are witnessing the collapse of the Cabal banking system, tied to the US Dollar. Are you ready? EVERYTHING that can be shaken! (MORE)

04/01 BRICS pulls from US Dollar / Taliban / Trudeau / Communion!

Hunter’s laptop proves that Obama overlooked the CCP militarizing the South China Sea. What else does it prove? We are watching the world completely shift. God is shaking EVERYTHING that can be shaken! was busy taking money from Russia, China, and Ukraine. (MORE)

March 2022

03/31 Kaley Exposes / Biden Crime Family / Evergrande / Juan O’ Savin!

Hunter was busy taking money from Russia, China, and Ukraine. And the Media is forced to admit that the Laptop is real, and so was the Dossier. Things are Heating up! Are you ready for New Wine? (MORE)

03/30 Clarence Thomas / Matt Gaetz / Nadler / Hunter’s Laptop Entered / BOOM!

The drip is becoming a flood! When the world finds out what is actually ON THAT LAPTOP, there will be no stopping what is coming. Are you ready? Are you Sure? Those that are in Christ can tap into Supernatural Provision… (MORE)

03/29 Putin / Biden / Poland / Queen!

This Movie is hard to watch! And yet… We know all movies eventually come to an end. We are close. Very Close! Hold the Line, and Pray! (MORE)

03/28 Fires / Fake Backgrounds / Jackson / McConnel / Ukraine / Trump! (This Broadcast was censored & deleted on YouTube)

We know that nothing is as it seems. The digital soldiers prove every lie from the media within minutes! …The lines are all blurred. Apparently now even the definition of “Man and Woman” are just too confusing to understand. Know this…God has it all figured out. Nothing takes Him by surprise! (MORE)

03/25 Kazaria / Israel / Covid Restrictions Eased / Communion!

Today is a good day to remember that we are watching a movie. Nothing is as it seems! There is a tangled web when it comes to Israel. The Khazarian Mafia have infiltrated everything. But God is sorting it ALL out. “All things hidden will be revealed.” (MORE)

03/24 N Korea / Pictures say 1000 words / It’s about Abolishing Slavery / Military Superheroes!

Today is a good day to remember that we are watching a movie. Nothing is as it seems! Now that the world is awake and everyone owns a video camera, the DS is in complete panic. They have been spoon feeding us for decades. Not anymore. Welcome to the Great Awakening! We are the news now. (MORE)

03/23 Russian Cyber Attacks Imminent? / Biden Laptop / Tunnels Under Ukraine / Khazaria / Z!

As things progress, we need to pray for those that are still asleep. Israel is tangled. The Khazarian Mafia is hard to swallow. Be prepared. The Storm is here. And… God is serious about the “No other gods before me”. It is He who drives our enemies out before us. And it is God who gives us the power to create wealth. (MORE)

03/22 Cockatoos / Black Sun of the Occult / Laptop / Zelenski / Storm is Here!

Things are speeding up. Can you feel it? The Drip is now becoming a fast stream of information. When our “President” and his son are on the front page of New York Post and New York Times…you know it’s all coming out. Be prepared. The Storm is here. And… God is serious about the “No other gods before me” and The Sabbath… (MORE)

03/21 Fauci Email / Biden Call in 2016 / Kinzhal / OTR21 / You Are Not Alone / Buckle Up!

Things are speeding up. Can you feel it? The Drip is now becoming a fast stream of information. Did you know that Gabriel struck Zachariah mute until his son John was born? The power of words backed by unbelief is devastating. Be careful right now. It is imperative that we partner with Heaven in this hour… (MORE)

03/18 Laptops / Sanctions / Deserted Naval Ships / High Alert / False Flag INCOMING? / EBS!

Family, we are here. IMPORTANT BROADCAST!!! PLEASE WATCH IT ALL. Don’t drink or allow your children to drink water from faucets. Even “filtered” water. Bottled Water ONLY! The DS is in Panic. And that’s when things get dangerous. We are in full scale war now. Be prepared. Stay Vigilant. Have a plan. And know that Jesus is King of Kings. (MORE)

03/17 Earthquakes / Sinking Ships / Disney Traffickers Arrested / Ukraine Movie Set!

Operation Mockingbird… Wars and Rumors of Wars… We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! The Real Information is dripping out. Watch Laura Logan drop TRUTH BOMBS! Trump knew all along…”Chy-na”… (MORE)

03/16 The Freeing of Ukraine / Changing Flags / You’re Watching a Movie / Montage of Trump!

Everything is NOT as it seems! We are watching the last dying breath of the Cabal. But we ARE in “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and GAS UP! Wars and Rumors of Wars… NESARA/ GESARA? (MORE)

03/15 SWIFT Demise / Another EVERGREEN Ship Stuck / A Review of What’s REALLY Going On / GRATITUDE!

Everything is NOT as it seems! We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and GAS UP! The SWIFT system is coming down. NESARA/ GESARA? (MORE)

03/14 Obama / Queen / Xi / Putin / Antarctica – Rothschild Island / Giants!

Everything is NOT as it seems! We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and GAS UP! Wars and Rumors of Wars… We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Could Xi be a White Hat? Could Putin? Could they be working with the Global Alliance to take down the Cabal? (MORE)

03/11 Putin, Flags, Planes, Mosquitos, Tunnels, Sleeves, QFS, Storm Quinlan!

Everything is NOT as it seems! (Including my world)… But we are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and GAS UP! Wars and Rumors of Wars… We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Floods, Bombings, Get Signal Now at and Get Ready…STORM INCOMING! (MORE)

03/10 Omnibus?! / Farmer Gates? / Dr Z / We’ve Found Your Labs / TRUTH Social!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and GAS UP! Wars and Rumors of Wars… We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Floods, Bombings, Get Signal Now at and go to Get Ready…STORM INCOMING! (MORE)

03/09 30 Biolabs / Hunter Invested / Gen Milley / Flooding / 17!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash and gas up! Wars and Rumors of Wars! We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Floods, Bombings, Get Signal Now at and go to Get Ready…STORM INCOMING! (MORE)

03/08 Biolabs / Companies Leaving Russia / Gold / Get Signal! / Nephilim in Promised Land!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash. Wars and Rumors of Wars! We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Floods, Bombings, Get Signal Now, and NO DEALS! (MORE)

03/07 NFL, Truckers, Australia, Planes, Watch the Water, Really Dead?

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash. Wars and Rumors of Wars! We are watching unprecedented things happen on EVERY front right now! Let’s swing around the world and take a look at what is REALLY happening…And, Jesus loves the Children. Woe to anyone who causes them to stumble… (MORE)

03/04 Test Kits?! / Power Outages / Weird Banking / Update on Ukraine / Communion

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Make sure you get at least a little cash. Jesus said that in order to find our lives, we have to lose them. And what does it mean for a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his own soul? There are many who have done just that… (MORE)

03/03 Convoy / DeSantis / Rothchild / Mr Pool / Kim Clement / Kent Christmas!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! God does nothing without first telling His prophets. (Amos 3:7) God showed Kim Clement in 2001 the plans of the Deep State. And He is showing Kent Christmas his plans for March, and for the rest of 2022. This prophetic word was just 4 days ago. WOAH! (MORE)

03/02 Masks at the SOTU / All the Actors / Tunnels / Putin in 2018!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! Most of us have only experienced the “Constantine” version of the Bible and of Christianity. Aren’t we all ready for the “Jesus Version”? The cool and crazy kind. The kind that healed people and set them free. Yeah. That kind. (MORE)

03/01 Putin’s True Agenda / Don’t believe ANYTHING you see on Tel-lie-vision / Heaven is Real!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! “The Shaking” is not just Nations. It is also on an individual basis. Run to the Father… (MORE)

February 2022

02/28 Update on Ukraine / Everyone’s Son / Who is screeching? / That FACE!

We are entering “The Storm”. Be prepared. Make sure you have necessities on hand! But know that we serve a God that has ALL of this in the palm of His hand! He is on His Throne, and handling things just fine… (MORE)

02/25 Three hands?? Matrix! / Latest Intel / All was Predicted / Communion!

Nothing takes God by surprise. This is going to be Biblical. Pray for Ukraine and Taiwan. Demons are Real! And we have been given authority over them. We CAN set the captive free! (MORE)

02/24 Putin / Truckers / Frequencies / Kingdom!

While it seems the World is falling apart, we must stand still and see the Salvation of the Lord. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken! The Kingdom of God is pressing down. And the devil hates it. (MORE)

02/23 O Canada / Soccer Ball / Truth “Pepe”

Parable of the Seed and the Sower. Did you know that you can have a “Hundredfold” Life? It’s worth the trip! (MORE)

02/22 Klaus Schwab’s true agenda / Ukraine, Canada (Look here not there) / Binding the Strongman

As Sons and Daughters, fully awake, we can partner with the Host of Heaven to bring about change. There is a dark agenda at work here, and we play a role! Rise Up! (MORE)

02/21 Canada, Europe, US News / Interesting “Justice” video from Trump

Canada is in the fight of their lives. Europe is slammed with Curious yet deadly weather, Ukraine is experiencing chaos…We are bracing for ” The Storm”. Don’t think it won’t find it’s way here. Now is the time to prepare, both literally and spiritually! (MORE)

02/18 Eunice! / Changes to CDC website / Kim Clement! / Communion

Lift up your heads, O ye Gates…What does that mean? Let’s talk about it. The King of Glory is at hand! And it’s a good thing, because we are in the Eye of the Storm… (MORE)

02/17 Disclosure! Tunnels / Canadian Tyranny / Run on Banks?/ You Can Ascend Above it!

Full disclosure is coming. It is not surprising that we are witnessing “Wars and Rumors of Wars” at a whole other level. We have more authority than we realize. (MORE)

02/16 Durham! / Fox is Redpilling! / PEADS / DEWs / War is Real! And so is the Shroud of Turin!

The timing of the Durham is perfect. Panic Everywhere! The media is complicit. And they are scared. Do you know about the PEADs? They are in play right now. (MORE)

02/15 Officers Choose / Canada, Russia, Ukraine / Watch the Lamb

Nothing is as it seems. Trust your intuition, and Trust the Word of God. There are White Hats all over the world that are working on our behalf. The Endgame is at hand! (MORE)

02/14 Super Bowl / We are Family / America Rising / Kent Christmas

This is a good overview of what’s happening right now. We are entering “The Storm”. But the Glory of the LORD! It is coming too. It is a tangible substance. Get Ready! (MORE)

02/11 Super Bowl Coms / Sum of All Fears / Shining Faces / Kim Clement / Communion

The “Shining Face” of Moses mirrors that of Jesus on the Mt. of Transfiguration. Daniel 12:3 states that in the age of Michael, there will be those who will also do the same. We are in for amazing times! Are you ready? Moses changed God’s mind. And we can too. Standing in the Gap is the most important thing we can do. It’s time to Arise and Shine! (MORE)

02/10 Demoniac Woman at the Border / Illegal Aliens given a lift / EBE The First Captured Alien

Moses changed God’s mind. And we can too. Standing in the Gap is the most important thing we can do. It’s time to Arise and Shine! (MORE)

02/09 Wars and Rumors of Wars / America is Rising Up / 2000 Mules / Virgins and Lamps
(This Broadcast was censored & deleted on YouTube)

It is time to make sure your lamp is filled with oil. And that you are using your “talents” for the Lord. The hour is late. The age of the Kingdom is at hand! (MORE)

02/08 Canada! / White House? / Rogan! / Resignations!

We are watching tyranny unfold in Canada. It’s coming. Are you ready? Do you know what “The Days of Noah” really refers to? Let’s look at the book of Jude for a clue… (MORE)

02/07 The Great Awakening is Worldwide / Matthew 24 – False Prophets are Everywhere!

As we watch events unfold, we know that Jesus is coming soon! Do not be deceived. When He returns…the whole world will see it. It will crack the sky wide open! We are living in amazing times. Are you ready? (MORE)

02/04 FB shares drop by 200B / Truckers are having an impact / God is serious about No other gods!

We are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard. Stay prayed up, because Christianity is about to be Blindsided. It is imperative that you have RELATIONSHIP….not RELIGION. (MORE)

02/03 US Troop Movement / Trouble at CNN / Brzezinski Family / 6 Things the Lord hates

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. God used Trump to bring down ancient structures and wake up the World. Now that we are wide awake, the Lord is training us for battle. (MORE)

02/02 Whoopie suspended / Russians Advance / Aussies and Canadians have had enough!

The world is in another “Exodus” moment. The Lord has been patient and long suffering, but He is about to finish this. Are you ready? (MORE)

02/01 Did you know this about the UN Headquarters? The LORD Knows. We are in our Red Sea moment!

The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that He could take out the Egyptian gods as well as deliver His people. The Lord is doing the same today. He will get the Glory for this next move! (MORE)

January 2022

01/31 Canada inspires the World / The similarities of Exodus are remarkable / 11th Hour Moment!

It is truly remarkable watching history in the making. What’s going on in Canada is inspiring the World. And God is hiding us in the shadow of His wing. Do you see HIS Hand beginning to sweep the earth?! (MORE)

01/29 SPECIAL EDITION – “All the King’s Horses, and All the King’s Men”… The Truth About The Humpty Dumpty Institute

The Lord gave Prophet Johnny Enlow a phrase… “Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall. Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall. All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men Couldn’t Put Humpty Together Again”.
As Johnny began to research it, He was stunned at what he found. Let’s explore his research, and discover the hidden meaning behind The Lord’s Nursery Rhyme Clue. Watch to the end…YOU WILL BE ENCOURAGED!” (MORE)

01/28 New Volcano / Trucker Strike / Jesus is serious about Forgiveness / Power of Communion!

Did you know that as a Son of God, you can command Covid to give you an upgrade to your immune system? Did you know that Forgiveness is a key to your strength as a Son? Let’s look deeper today. And then take Communion… (MORE)

01/27 What do SEVERAL leaders in Congress have in common? Hint: Ukraine / Exodus & Matthew

When you dig a little deeper into Ukraine, there are all kinds of congressional points of interest. Jesus said that it would be better for a millstone to be tied around the neck and thrown into the sea than for anyone to harm a child. He is serious about those who hurt children! And so are their angels! (MORE)

01/26 Troop Movement / Trucker Standstill / Test Kits and Transfiguration

We are watching the world change before our eyes. But God is the Ultimate Strategist. Matthew 17 is one of the best passages of scripture. It PROVES time travel exists! It’s time to have Faith that Moves Mountains… (MORE)

01/25 Global news is heating up! Russia / Ukraine / Supply Chain / Home Tests Kits?

Lots going on with that little swab in the nose! Be vigilant. Do your research. Now is the time to come boldly to the Throne of Grace to find present help in time of need…We Win! (MORE)

01/24 What’s going on at the White House? More Interesting video footage.

Global news is heating up! And God is using ALL things to give strength to His Body. We have a role to play! Decree and Declare as a Son! (MORE)

01/21 The spirit of Jezebel has one goal… to silence the voice of God on the earth.

Jezebel tried to silence God’s prophets when she was alive on the earth. As with all of us, her spirit lived on after her death. In today’s Old Testament scriptures you can see her living through Herodias when she had John The Baptist beheaded. That same spirit is causing trouble even today… Can you see her? (MORE)

01/20 “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in their Father’s Kingdom.” ~ Matthew 13:43

On January 14th My Dad kicked the devil in the face. The devil always fires back when you are over the target. This is not a game, Sealed Book Family… It’s a war. God Wins… But not without our help. Even if the only help you can give is prayer and relationship. That’s what He wants. Watch the Truth About Freemasonry broadcast from January 14th. Someone you know needs to see it. (MORE) 

01/19 Super Soldiers?! The parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13 is RELEVANT right now!

Have you seen what a Super Soldier can do? Intimacy with the Trinity (Father, Son Holy Spirit) is critical in this hour. The world is shaking, and we have to be able to know His Plans. (MORE)

01/18 Things are NOT as they Seem / Volcano in Tonga? / Jesus loved to stir things Up!

We are witnessing the systematic dismantling of all that we thought was reality. And the Lord is right in the middle of it! (MORE)

01/17 What’s going on at the White House? Interesting video footage from last night!

YouTubers… Thank You for always coming to to watch the uncensored version of the News! Especially today! Jesus gave the disciples authority to Heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the good news of the Kingdom. It is at hand! Let’s Go! (MORE)

01/14 Special Broadcast with Glenn Polk on the Deception of Masonry. He was a 33rd Degree Mason. Communion!

This is a very special (and Longer) broadcast. My dad and I have an in depth conversation about the deception of Masonry. I was able to ask questions we all want to know. Please watch until the end. (MORE)

01/13 The Desperate Faith of Matthew 9 is fast approaching in the US. Miracles Incoming!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. “She is not dead, but asleep.” Matthew 9:24 Those words intrigue me, because Jesus’ version of death and ours is obviously different. I pray for the day when we have the faith that He did! (MORE)

01/12 Earthquake in China / Portions of Great Wall Collapse / Jesus knew their thoughts

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Cardionosis is the ability to know the thoughts of others. Jesus did this all the time. It was one of his “Superpowers”…and one of ours! Ready for It? (MORE)

01/11 Two videos in today’s News Portion on! The World is waking up! And YOU Can Help!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Jesus calmed the storm, because he knew he had an appointment on the other side of the lake with the demoniac. He slept through the storm…Meanwhile, we need to take a lesson on casting demons out of people… Not tolerating torment. (MORE)

01/10 A VERY important prophecy on! The News is Crazy… God is Sovereign!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is shaking. God is sovereign. The Lord is our Deliverer. Angels saved Lot and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. There is about to be an explosion of supernatural healing across the world. Get ready! (MORE)

01/06 Genesis 6 and Matthew 24:37 are VERY RELEVANT today. Hybrids are real!

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. The World is waking up to how amazing (and relevant the Word of God actually is. Nephilim were on the earth in Genesis 6. And Afterward…And again in Matthew 24:37″ For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.” (MORE)

01/05 If Eve begat Cain & Abel, and Cain killed Abel, then who was Cain’s wife in the Land of Nod?

The news today ties in to what is happening in Scripture. It always has. The World is waking up to how amazing (and relevant) the Word of God actually is. Did you know that Cain was Enoch’s father? Enoch…the guy who walked with God and “was no more”. Lots going on here… (MORE)

01/04 News: Go watch Tucker Carlson last night / Genesis 1 – Gap Theory? / Bible Codes!

There are always things going on under the surface. Did you know there is a whole code under the “plain text” of the Bible? Just like there is a system of tunnels all over the world, Under the plain text of the Torah there are hidden messages crisscrossing the Torah. Fascinating! Hidden codes everywhere… (MORE)

01/03 Year in Review / Goals for 2022 / Psalm 1 / Time to Seek Wisdom!

We’ve all been through the most tumultuous year of our lives! 2022 will catapult us into unprecedented changes. It is imperative that we prioritize our walk with the Lord. He is “Opening the Sealed Book” and revealing things we’ve never seen before. And it is directly tied to what we are seeing in the world. Buckle Up! (MORE)

December 2021

12/31 Exposure! / 2021-We made it! / Revelation 21: God will wipe away every tear / Communion!

Revelation 21 speaks of a new Heaven and a new Earth. God has been shaking everything… So that what cannot be shaken will remain. And YOU made it!
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12/30 Psalm 149 has secrets. We can decree, praise, and execute judgment through spiritual weapons!

If the Sons and Daughters of God actually knew how powerful we really are, we would spend more time in Praise. It is a spiritual weapon. And this whole thing is spiritual! And We are on the front lines. (MORE)

12/29 Rev 18:23 -“Sorcery” is Pharmakeia: Demons validate it! But The Blood of Jesus trumps ALL!

We are all losing people to this war. It is a real war, only the bullets are “shot” differently. However we CAN recover ourselves! (2 Timothy 2:26 )
It is imperative that we repent, and are in the palm of His hand. Rev.19…We win! (MORE)

12/28 Permanently banned on YouTube. Share! Revelation 18 Mystery Babylon / Pharmakeia (Sorcery)

Revelation 18 speaks of the city of Babylon being destroyed in an hour. It also says that all the nations were deceived by her “sorcery”. That word in Greek is “Pharmakeia”-the use of medicine, drugs, and spells. Witchcraft. I believe we are watching that happen with this vaccine. (MORE)

12/27 I got permanently banned from YouTube today. Jan 6 Trump speaks / Gesara / Project Odin / EBS

Zechariah shows us a picture of the other story taking place in the unseen realm. It is more real than the Matrix we are living in. Now more than ever, we are experiencing the reality of the HOSTS of Heaven. The Lord of Hosts is active and so are they! Heaven is for real, and so are its inhabitants. (MORE)

12/24 Special Christmas Broadcast! Meet my Family! Psalm 147, and Communion!

We are home for Christmas. Hear from my folks, Meet Steve’s new puppy, Piano and Communion. This one is special! I want to share my special family with you for Christmas… Twila Grace at 10 Months Old, when she sees my twin brother’s portrait. (Jeff has been in Heaven for 37 years now)… (MORE)

12/23 UNEDITED NEWS at / Habakkuk 2:2 Write the VISION down… (it WORKS)!

I believe this is about to be the Bride’s Finest Hour! (Notice I didn’t say “Church”). The Lord is looking for those He can partner with. Dust off your dreams and write them down….” So that a herald may run with it…” Things are about to get very interesting! (MORE)

12/22 Rev 12 happened! Job 38:31-33 is relevant now! Pleiadians, Arcturians, Bands of Orion?!

I believe the Book of Revelation is both literal and allegorical. Revelation 12 speaks of a woman that gives birth. This chapter is a marvelous “Sign in the Heavens” that happened on September 23, 2017. It had not happened for 2000 years! We are close to things changing radically!! Things are about to get very interesting! The Heavens are “pouring forth speech day and night…” (MORE)

12/21 Beast of Revelation at United Nations in NY?! / The Two Witnesses Elijah and Moses? / Trial is OVER?!

The Unedited Version is on Please go there for the news and a VERY relevant video on the Real Spiritual War. I believe the Book of Revelation is both literal and allegorical. Revelation 11 speaks of two witnesses. I believe there is a very real possibility that they are Moses and Elijah. Things are about to get very interesting! (MORE)

12/20 Sale on Amulets / Health Ministers / Isaiah 60-61 / Jonah’s Story!

The Unedited Version is on Please go there for the news and a VERY relevant video on the Real Spiritual War. Jonah is an example of so many of us. We are angry at God. And…He can handle it. Micah 3 speaks to the CURRENT situation in America. (MORE)

12/17 We are Back! / My Mystery Guest / Sound of Freedom- WOW! / Communion!

We had dinner with an amazing person! Listen to find out who. The movie, ‘Sound of Freedom” with Jim Caveziel will be much like “The Passion of the Christ”. The Highest Grossing film of all time. And The Sealed Book has a chance to be part of it! Listen to the end for details… (MORE)

12/16 Volcanoes in Alaska / CNN Arrests / Airlines Evaluate Mask Mandate / Revelation 4!

Isaiah 2 tells us that in the Last Days Many will say, “Let us GO UP to the Mountain of the Lord and be taught by HIM.” Paul did it. The apostle John did it. And so can we. It is imperative that we have “Heaven’s perspective.” (MORE)

12/15 TRUTH Social …and Rumble? YES! / Earthquakes in Oregon / I have a Surprise Friday!

Revelation 5 speaks of all kinds of beings. The four living Creatures, the 24 Elders, and Thousands and Millions of Angels. All those in Heaven and on Earth and Under the Earth and in the Sea will sing, “To him who sits on the throne and to the lamb be praise and honor and glory and power for ever and ever!” (MORE)

12/14/21 Human DNA / AI / Robots w/Extraordinary Strength / Book of Joel 2 talks of an army of Super Soldiers. Did you know this?

Robotic Super Soldiers with Artificial Intelligence. What could possibly go wrong?? Angels are here as well…Folks, we are entering into a time of Earth’s history where the forces of good and evil are clashing both in the natural and supernatural realms. There is a coming separation of the wicked and the righteous. The Lord is about to STEP IN. Part 2 with video… (MORE)

12/13/21 The Book of Joel talks of an army of Super Soldiers. It’s time to Turn to the Lord!

We are entering into a time of Earth’s history where the Supernatural will be common. There is a coming separation of the wicked and the righteous. The Lord is about to STEP IN. Part 1… (MORE)

12/10 Smollett Convicted / Gizzy trial Halts / 646 Earthquakes in China 2021 / Plumber awarded 20k!
(This Broadcast was censored & deleted on YouTube)

Psalm 139 is amazing. Ask the Lord to search your heart and know you. He will guide you away from dangerous paths/people. Jude : There are evil shepherds that have slipped in among the church. Jude tells us so much more than what we have been taught. Mixing of Fallen Angels, Nephilim (half-breeds) genetically altered flesh IS IN THE CHURCH. We have to use discernment. It is all coming out into the open. Brace for impact! (MORE)

12/09 Evergrande defaults / Vacks Mandate Blocked by Fed Judge / CEOs Stepping Down!

Psalm 139 is amazing. To think that the Lord KNEW us before we came to Earth. He knit us together perfectly in our Mother’s womb. All of our days were numbered before our first day. There is forgiveness and grace…Please listen! (MORE)

12/08 Internet down? / Blackwater – Owner of Fox, CNN, All Moderna, Pfizer, etc worth $10 Trillion!

Psalm 139 reminds us that He is THERE. In the darkness. He will never leave you. 1 John 4 -Test the spirits. Not every spirit is from God. If they don’t claim Jesus came in the flesh, they are not of God, but of the antichrist spirit. Already at work within the world. (MORE)

12/07 Earthquakes in China / Devin Nunez CEO of TRUTH SOCIAL / GM trial-CDs and Hard Drives!

Yahweh is a God of Mercy and Justice. The door to repentance is closing. Judgment and Glory are coming. There is no time for apathy. Draw near to Him, Now. His heart is turned toward you! (MORE)

12/06 Gizzy Trial continues to expose / Fully Vaxed Cruise Ship Covid Breakout / John 17!

We are God’s children. We do not need “man” to teach us. We can go straight to the Throne of Grace. Jesus came so that we are one with Him. He prays for us. The Creator of the Universe CAME to set you FREE! (MORE)

12/3 Is Giz M really in DC? / Kamala’s staff steps down / CEO Resignations / Daniel 10 / Communion!

The war on Planet Earth is spilling out into mainstream. Even those that are in “Deep Sleep” Can now see it. But it is much greater. It is Cosmic. Princes, Rulers and Kings are all fighting as well. The book of Daniel gives us great insight as to how our prayers affect the Spiritual Realm. They are fighting FOR US!! (MORE)

12/02 Underwater Tunnels / Daniel-Writing on the wall / False Prophets Uncovered!

A reminder of crazy Biblical scenarios that are about to be played out. DEWs, Rods of God will be active! The Bible is so Relevant! 2 Peter 2 speaks of false prophets that have secretly infiltrated the church, bringing destructive heresies. But they are coming to swift destruction. Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Present day…all having sex with angels, and creating hybrids. If the Lord rescued Noah and Lot…He will rescue you. (MORE)