And So It’s Down… But Why?

By now you probably know my private Facebook group – The Sealed Book – has been taken down. I started it in March of 2020 as an extension of my ministry. It grew to 21,000 people. Steve and I have studied Bible prophecy for 25 years. Scholars and prophets the world over agree that we’re in the end times. More Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every day. My 50+ episodes addressed what is happening in the world today and infused it with scripture. We showed the truth inside all the conspiracies. Much of the proof we showed was undeniable. And THAT is why it was removed… but it gets much more sinister.

They deleted my personal Facebook & Instagram accounts, both of Steve’s, and all the personal Facebook & Instagram accounts of all our adult children. None of our children had posted or contributed to The Sealed Book in any way. Our middle daughter ran her business on Instagram… it’s gone. Think a long time about that. This is why companies like Google and Facebook have been gobbling up other platforms as fast as they can… so they can control the narrative. Control the narrative, control the mind of the masses. And because they are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, we – and yes, YOU – have no legal recourse. This is one of the things President was fighting. Do you know the main thing he was fighting?

The primary war President Donald Trump was waging – and winning – was the worldwide sex trafficking of women and children… little boys & girls, ages 3 and up. This is why the Left hated him so much. Because the United States is neck deep in these abuses at the very highest levels of politics and industry… Hollywood especially. Trump was defunding it. Now they are attempting to cover it up and get back to their satanic practices. Don’t believe me? Watch all the Units. They are gone from the Facebook Group now, but will be up on this site very soon. If you haven’t seen all of them, you truly do not know what is really going on in this world. If you have, you know this war is very real. My new company – Amy Sever International – is in the fight to Abolish Slavery and aid in the after care of those who are rescued. We were silenced because we touch a nerve.

Meanwhile, please watch my latest “From the Heart” TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2021…

14 thoughts on “And So It’s Down… But Why?

  1. Thanks Amy, got the email. I’ve known this for a long time ,since I’m a survivor of sexual abuse. For years I have asked God for help for me and all the children in the world suffering from these satanic entities as I’m sure other people have.
    I’ve been preparing myself all this time to be one of God’s warrior.
    Finally! God, has all his worriers together working to eliminate this evilness.
    God’s timing is always impeccable. Yeah!!!



  2. Amy I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your family. I know you two are warriors and things will work out. I’ll continue to follow on Rumble and Telegram.


  3. Thank you for the knowledge you share with the masses. I have had my eyes opened by watching the units and listening to your live talks. I will continue to follow you.


  4. Miss you on fb. Are you going to get on telegram? Or how often will you be emailing? I love your messages. But I’m about to be done with all social media I think.

    On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 3:49 PM Amy Sever International wrote:

    > Steve Sever posted: ” By now you probably know my private Facebook group – > The Sealed Book – has been taken down. I started it in March of 2020 as an > extension of my ministry. It grew to 21,000 people. Steve and I have > studied Bible prophecy for 25 years. Scholars and pro” >


  5. Hi Amy, yep, it’s real. But God wins! I just found you on YouTube a few days ago and requested to join the Facebook page about 24 hours or so before it got taken down. I have been a Christian for almost 40 years. I’ve never been one to fit in the “mainstream” box; the Lord began redpilling me about 2015. I’m slow, I know! Not exactly sure what “units” you are referring too or where to find them but I remember you mentioning the lady from the Netherlands,Janet (? Last name) that did the series on Fall Cabal I think was the name of it. I watched that series about a year or so ago. Are those units? Thank you for your time. Trish Redd

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  6. I was scrolling thru FB today and noticed I didn’t see anything from you so I searched TSB okay to seen it was taken down. I then sent the following message to all my FB friends and posted on my site also:
    ““Imagine all your Facebook and Instagram accounts and all your families’ accounts being deleted as well … just because Sever is their name … welcome to Nazi Germany circa 1933.”
    The Sealed Book has been banned from FB. You can now find her at Amy Sever dot com. I will probably be banned now but “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!” FB can spew all the satanic hate but it can’t allow biblical truth.“
    I have watched all units (but was 1/2 through the last one).


  7. Amy you said that can get your hands on a med bed. I need it so bad. I have heart and lungs troubles. I’ve had 3 major surgeries. The last 2 cancer, and 6 hernias operation. I think they have come undone. I dont want another surgery, it’s so painful, and takes a long time to recover. I have hip pain both sides. And I mess up my left knee 6 years ago. No insurance to fix it. So now both hurt. They wont give any meds for pain that really help. So can you help me? Plus I’m 67 years old.


    1. Hi Brenda!
      I don’t have access to a Med Bed, but this is the next best thing. It’s called Healy, and it uses frequencies to heal the body.
      It’s the most amazing medical breakthrough I’ve ever seen! Go to and click on “Health”.
      Then click on Healy. I’m also giving you this link with more information. Then email me again if you have more questions or want to purchase one…
      I’m sorry you are hurting! God Bless You!!


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