Does This Photo Make Sense?

This picture is an example of what your family’s protection looks like when you are walking in alignment. …In other words, when your Spirit is controlling your Soul. On the other hand, when your Soul is controlling your Spirit, that protection goes away. AND your communication with the Father is also seriously hampered… not becauseContinue reading “Does This Photo Make Sense?”

Guess What We Did?!

Call us Renegades… Have us Arrested… But, whatever you do… PLEASE RE-SUBSCRIBE to our new YouTube Channel! (Your old subscription no longer works). That’s right, we’re back on YouTube! …Again. Maybe you didn’t know, but we were put in jail twice and then we got permanently banned. Why? For reading scripture from Ezekiel. Think aboutContinue reading “Guess What We Did?!”


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2021… From the Heart… Don’t Miss Tomorrow! I ESCAPED! I made it out of YouTube jail! And you DO NOT want to miss tomorrow morning’s show! I have a HUGE SURPRISE for you! See You in the Morning!Amy “Opening The Sealed Book” Mon-Fri Morning Debut Times:+++ 7:45 am at 8:00 am onContinue reading “DON’T MISS TOMORROW MORNING!”