Over One Million!

Our Final Event of 2021 is here!

Come IN-PERSON if you can, or come by ZOOM if you can’t.  But COME!

Did you know there has been OVER ONE MILLION adverse reactions to the vaccines?  INCLUDING A HUGE NUMBER OF DEATHS!  Let Dr. Peter A. McCullough, explain the TRUTH about Covid and the vaccines.  And you’ll hear from Patriot Streetfighter, Scott McKay, who has done a better job of taking the message of truth across the nation than any other patriot!  AND

I have a Major Mystery guest that is SO MAJOR, she is actually our Headliner!  She will be with us in person… But, we can’t advertise it… and that’s for very good reasons.  But her talk will stun you!
TRUST that you do not want to miss this event!  Come IN-PERSON or come by ZOOM… But COME!

Please Register to attend In-Person HERE
Or Register to attend by Zoom HERE.

In His Grip,
Amy Sever

Please Watch My Latest “From The Heart”!

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