Ladies! Join Me!

The principles I teach in my book saved my life. And if you are able to attend my 3Rs Retreat, we will walk them out together and you will leave a new person!

I have led many others into the same freedom one person at a time… and several at a time. My passion is for empowering women and helping you find your freedom through this ministry.

So… with updated, powerful, life transforming information – and for the first time in 20 years – I am excited about this 3Rs Retreat! I promise this week-end will transform your life!

And it’s my 50th birthday! Please join me! This special retreat is limited to just 20 women. I am so excited! The 20 of us will grow close for life. You will find sisters to support you on your journey to absolute and lasting freedom! Please pray about attending. You will never regret this investment into you. You will leave with freedom, joy, and passion… with gifts from me and lots of love from the group. I truly hope to see you there!

3Rs Retreat Details and Registration;


3 thoughts on “Ladies! Join Me!

  1. Hi Amy!!
    I am really enjoying listening to the sealed book every morning on the way to work. Its wonderful! I also just ordered one of you’re AS necklaces and am more than happy to be helping these damaged souls that have been horrifically tortured. I wish I could join you for you’re 3 day retreat but I’m in Washington state and it is horrible here with sleezy Inslee. I won’t test or take the jab ever. I’m holding the forkin line up here!
    Anyway I just want you to know that you are a favorite to listen to. I was raised Lutheran and even went to a Lutheran grade school. It never touched my soul though. 40 years later I am feeling the closest to Jesus than ever. I don’t attend a “church” and feel that in the bible it says that you are you’re own temple of Christ and that is how I practice. I’m learning the Bible and enjoying it now for the first time. You inspire me to learn:-)

    Liz Kooy
    Burlington Washington


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