The Sealed Book Family Reunion Registration!

This Family Reunion is titled “ORIGINS” because we will be discussing the origins of so many things.
There is SO much we can’t talk about in the daily broadcast… 
Some because of time constraints and some because of censorship. 
But, when we are together in one big room behind closed doors, with plenty of time… 
We can go deep into so many things!

ORIGINS will be a deep dive into Antarctica.
ORIGINS will bring out the startling truth about who really is ISRAEL.
ORIGINS will show the secret message God has woven beneath the text of the Torah.
ORIGINS will show you the moment America was consecrated to God
AND the Re-Covenant that is about to take place at the same location in April this year.
ORIGINS is Music, Worship, Food, Fun and connection!

One of the MOST AMAZING things, is just being in the same room with hundreds of like-minded people!


2 thoughts on “The Sealed Book Family Reunion Registration!

  1. Dear Amy and Steve, I pray that a zoom link works out. for the reunion .. I would love to be there in person but am unable to at this time. I am looking forward to meeting you in person some day.  God Bless you both for the kingdom work you are both doing. Blessings,Cindy Pillmann


  2. Hi Amy & Steve, Will the zoom be recorded so that I can watch at a later date? I will be traveling on those dates with my son to an archery tournament in Dallas. If so how do I register for the zoom so that you know that I will not be present for the food count, etc


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