Tonight… Truth and Timetables


January 31st at 8 PM US Central time.

We are no longer on Facebook.
Watch it live on Zoom:

Or Watch it live on YouTube at:

People are always asking us for PROOF… “Show us the PROOF!”
This simply tells us you haven’t watched the Units.  WATCH THE UNITS.

All the Units are now at
Have your uninformed friends and family watch them,  There is your proof.

WATCH today’s “From the Heart” SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2021…

14 thoughts on “Tonight… Truth and Timetables

  1. Steve (or Amy), when you first recommended to all of us to change our iPhone settings to not receive automatic updates but to turn on the emergency broadcast alerts, we did that. A couple of days ago, though, we got a notification that software had been updated 14.3. Does this mean that Apple has enabled automatic updates again and we won’t get the EBS alerts when they come? Help!


    1. I wish we could help. We are android users. iphone has always made us uncomfortable because it is made in China and iphones are still monitored by China.
      You probably need to find a trustworthy Believer to get your answer.


  2. Where do I find the different episodes you mentioned in tonight’s program?

    Thank you for your dedication and encouragement.


  3. How do I “log in” to check out in the shop. I really want to purchase a shirt.

    On Sun, Jan 31, 2021, 1:47 PM Amy Sever International wrote:

    > Steve Sever posted: ” OUR NEXT BROADCAST IS SUNDAY NIGHT!THIS IS AN > IMPORTANT EPISODE… January 31st at 8 PM US Central time. We are no longer > on Facebook.Watch it live on Zoom: Or > Watch it live on YouTube at:” >


  4. Hello Amy please keep me posted. Thank you for you teachings. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless you and keep you safe. I pray that you
    continually be led by the Holy Spirit.


  5. Hi Amy.Glad to meet a true patrout an more
    Importantly, A child of God.
    I attempted to join in on the Zoom call on
    1- 31 @’8PM, however, it only showed the
    Event still had not started yet.
    Do you offer a replay or another event in the
    PS What is the Be ssd t Email to send you
    An Important Opportunity You Should l@@t
    No Joke.
    Blessings from Above
    Billy Scarberry
    Myrtle beach, SC


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