Train up a child… Get Banned.

First things first… thanks to those of you on Last night’s broadcast. We actually had over 5 times the number of online viewers we usually have! Last night we showed you that sex trafficking is at the very heart of this battle… the Deep State/Cabal feast on it (which means the current ‘administration’), while President Trump has fought it for 4 years. Please go watch Episode #53 from last night at The TRUTH is startling!

For those of you that don’t know, our entire family was banned from Facebook, Messenger and Instagram for speaking in favor of President Trump and against sex trafficking. It wasn’t enough for them to censor us without cause… they also censored our daughters… one of whom never posted or commented on anything in The Sealed Book Facebook Group, and the other who only posted one time, “Train up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it when they are older.” A Bible scripture. Welcome to the new America and the Biden Oligarchy. How does that make you feel?

So, our first LIVE broadcast on YouTube had some hiccups – which have since been edited out. And I introduced my new company – Amy Sever International – created for the purpose of helping with the After Care of the thousands being rescued from sex trafficking right now. We also created a store so you could support our purpose…

And unfortunately, the store had some glitches also… but those too are fixed now.

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14 thoughts on “Train up a child… Get Banned.

  1. Listening to You right now. So happy I found You and the sealed book. God Bles. Gods will be done. The Great awakening is revelations. Thank uou for connecting the dots. I have been uncovering these hidden truths for 20 some years. You have clarified my discerned understanding of the Bible. Book of Enoch confirms my understanding.


  2. Hello Amy this great what you are doing , I’m looking for a necklace more specifically a simple cross do you have anything of this sort ? Thank you for the videos and information very helpful and informative, I was down because of all the stuff going on and you tube was deleting all the people I listen to and your videos found me and gave me hope again thank for the ray os sunshine you are a blessing please keep up the great work you are doing .


  3. Hi. I just discovered your videos and started watching. You have an amazing ministry. Thank you.
    Also, I heard you say to contact you if I know someone who is sick. My step dad has Parkinson’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Its so sad. He was a brilliant man and this horrible sickness has robbed him of so much. I don’t know anything about these machines. What can be done. My Mom has been praying for a miracle for years and years. Please, let me know if help is possible. Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Lisa!
      I apologize for the late response. My home flooded and we had to move, so I am just now getting back to my email.
      Yes, I absolutely believe that Healy can help your step dad! It uses frequencies. Go to my website, and click on “Health”. You can also look on Facebook under the group The Frequency Experience for testimonials.
      I pray this is your Miracle!


  4. Hi so happy that I found you on YouTube 🙏🏽
    I can’t find you on Facebook or telegram and Ithe comments section on YouTube is off’ and so there’s no way of reaching you as I wanted to sign up and join your sealed secret group’ could you let me know please


      1. Steve/Amy
        Please send me a e-mail address to reach you. Love to send you biblical gematria revelations


  5. Would you please post the websites again for the covid 19 air purification systems and the Healy device..
    I want to pin them to my favorites. I plan to purchase both eventually.
    Thank you.


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