I Got Banned Again… (I must be telling the truth!)

Happy Memorial Day!

I apologize for the delay in broadcasts. I was ready to release my latest Episode in the New Series, “Your DNA: The Battle of the Cosmos”… When I was put in YouTube jail. The battle is real! The censorship is real. They are running scared. And frankly, I LOVE IT!

I want you to know however, that there is a rumble in the Heavenlies. I feel it… I’ve SEEN it! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is roaring over the nations! The fun part is our earthly enemies have no clue what that means… but their father, the devil, knows it… and he’s scared!

Get Ready, Get Ready, GET READY!!

There is a spirit of Elijah sweeping the Remnant, and fresh fire and BOLDNESS are happening on a Worldwide scale right now. There has been a shift in the atmosphere! Can you feel it? You SHOULD be able to feel it! Angels are pouring onto this planet, and the enemy is losing his grip. God is about to bring forth two things… JUDGEMENT and GLORY… Simultaneously! The God of the Universe WILL get the last say.

Believe me.

I’m fired up!!! Can you tell?! Join me this Wednesday night (June 2, 2021) as I prove that Yahweh knows YOUR name. AND…Your DNA knows His….


Please watch my latest “From the Heart”

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