“Your DNA: The Battle of the Cosmos” Part 4 TONIGHT!

Not only will you see more about the so-called “Alien Agenda” tonight – what it really is, backed with plenty of scripture… I’ll also have information on the pre-launch of my company Amy Sever International! Join me TONIGHT, June 2nd at 8 PM US Central time.

Watch it live on Zoom:
Or Watch it live on YouTube at:

Watch my latest “From the Heart”…


Whether you have known me from just this passed year, or for many years, I want to thank you for your belief in me during this year of transition.

I recently walked away from building a 25 year career in network marketing, to start my own company (it’s not mlm). My roots are in ministry, and after learning all I have been learning for the last several years, I have experienced a true re-birth of passion for women and children held captive in the horrific sex trafficking industry. Our plan is to do monthly events to raise awareness and funds for those that are being rescued.

I’m personally inviting you to our first event, and the pre-launch of my company. It’s in my home city of Dallas, Texas on June 13th. If you want to participate, please go to http://www.AmySever.com and register. This free event and space is limited. Lunch will be provided. I would ask you to please invite others as well. You will be enlightened and encouraged!

One thought on ““Your DNA: The Battle of the Cosmos” Part 4 TONIGHT!

  1. Thank you for all you do. I have learned so much following your posts and videos starting with FB group. Please start sending emails to me about livestreams.


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