Join Me For The 3Rs!

“My 3Rs Online Retreat is coming up June 10th, 11th & 12th! Please join me!” ~ Amy Sever

This 3Rs Online Retreat has been SUCH a Powerful and Freeing time for women and men of almost every age. Renewing the Spirit, Restoring the Soul, and Reconstructing the Body is the story of Amy’s journey to spiritual freedom… And spiritual freedom leads to physical freedom.

Not only is The 3Rs Online Retreat deeply rooted in scripture, but as Amy says, “We get to the core of what holds so many people locked in silent prisons, bound by unseen chains, for years”.

For a better understanding of what it’s all about, Please watch the latest “From the Heart”. And then go HERE for information and registration!

4 thoughts on “Join Me For The 3Rs!

  1. Hi Amy, Amy, you have honestly been my saving grace. The units, the info and, for everything you do, thank you! I’m writing today to ask if you would be able to help me and consider a discount if possible. I’m an ex nurse who just got off of her unemployment. Looking for work and spreading love and awareness are my thing now. Kindly let me know if this is something you may be able to do. My birthday is actually June 10th, so that would honestly be the best gift ever. I admire you and pray you keep on living your life with passion! Thank you again for all you do! God bless, -Aleksandra

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    1. Hi Aleksandra!
      Sorry to be so slow replying to you Good news! Someone who has attended previously asked if they could sponsor someone who wanted to attend but couldn’t. So, Amy and I said YES!
      All I need you to do is send your First & Last Name, your Email Address, and your Phone Number to …I will take care of the rest and get instructions out to you tonight!
      We’ve done this before with people… so what I want you to know is no one will know you were sponsored by someone, and the person who sponsored you will not know who they sponsored. You will be seen as a normal, paid attendee just like everyone else.
      We think that’s important. And we want you to get the most you possibly can from this retreat.
      Steve Sever

      Send to:


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