Strange July Indeed…

Come to our Amy Sever International Family Homecoming Event July 15th & 16th and find out exactly how strange July is! Because “Strange July” – as Prophet Kim Clement stated – is happening as I write this!

This Weekend, we are going to expose everything we know and can’t talk about on my regular daily broadcast!

BUT… So much more than that… This weekend is a time to connect with The Sealed Book Family and love on each other. It’s a time to renew… It’s a time to Prepare and Strengthen each other for what is to come!

I really want you to join us this weekend! BUT I also know that some of you just can’t because you live too far away in the States or in many other countries.

SO, we are working diligently on securing the ability to Zoom this event from Noon to 6pm on Saturday July 16th. BUT PLEASE NOTE… The only way you are going to know we can Zoom the Event Live is if you are a Registered user of one of our two websites: or

Go to either and register on the Home Page so we never lose touch with you!

HOPEFULLY I will see you this weekend! Please watch my latest “From the Heart!”

Always in His Grip,

24 thoughts on “Strange July Indeed…

  1. Hi Amy! Yes I would love to sign up and zoom…been following for about 2 years…loved your Israel trip…felt like I was there…would love to go!!
    I was so heartbroken for you both when you told us about Joey…praying for you…they are our little babies it so hard to let them go…


  2. Have been following you for well over a year now… and have shared your posts with friends who are now following add joy to our journey with your smile and laughter. And you add valuable insight to the mess in this world.


  3. Good morning,

    I can’t attend because I live in Florida. I know your working on making the event live, so in the event that you do, do I need to register? Please let me know.



  4. I am assuming because I received the emails I am a registered user and will be notified if this weekend event will be broadcast on zoom? I really hope I can participate or “attend”! Thank you so much!


  5. I REALLY wanted to come to this and tried to find someone to take care of my farm chores but unfortunately this is the weekend we scheduled the chickens to be butchered and the shipment of new chicks arrive, and no one wants to do that for me!! If it was just one week later!!! I’m really hoping you are able to zoom so I can at least catch part of it. Will it be recorded at all?


    1. I am wondering the same..I registered and hope to catch at least part of the zoom sessions but I have to work both days/times.


      1. Friday night is a meet & greet… no session.
        The event is Noon to 6pm on Saturday. It will be zoomed in its entirety.
        The Zoom link will come out later Friday.


  6. Hello Amy,

    First of all I want to send my condolences for your loss of Joey. It is so sad to lose a beloved furry friend.

    I appreciate you so much and all that I have learned from you. You are the one person I listen to every day and I’m trying to catch up on the archives. I wish I could be at this Homecoming event to meet you and the family! I live in Florida and I just visited my two sisters in Texas only 3 weeks ago, otherwise I would come. I am encouraging my sisters to go!

    My heart and spirit is calling me to come to Lubback in the fall and Israel in the spring… GOD WILLING…, and by some supernatural power, I will be there!! I am being called to deepen my walk with Yeshua, and feel drawn to your ministry.

    In deep gratitude for your ministry, much love, karina


  7. Hi Amy! have you listened to Louie Giglio? On YouTube, find Louie Giglio talks about Laminin (short) its 5:45 long. Also look up Louie Giglio Mashup of Stars and Whales singing to How Great is Our God. Pretty AWESOME!!


  8. Amy, thank you so much for all you and Steve do. I truly appreciate you sharing your journey from Israel with us. I have always wanted to go and hopefully I will be able to go on your next trip. I wanted to come to Weatherford. I bought a HOCATT machine from them a few months ago and renting a space in grapevine with my new business. I was unable to register but would love to be a part of the zoom.


  9. Steve, please add me to the Zoom for this Saturday. Also, would you please add two people that are very important and very good friends. One of them is our financial advisor and the other is our tax accountant. I understand Derek Leick will be speaking. I have tried in vain to wake them and my husband. They are among the many people who will not accept anything unless they hear it on Fox News. I will contact them and ask them to watch. Our financial future hangs in the balance. We are retired and all of our savings are in the market jointly. I have no control without my husband’s agreement. I am praying that your conference and David Leick will have an impact on their thinking. I will contact them today and ask to to check their email to set up zoom. I greatly appreciate this. God bless you and Amy! > Please add to the zoom the following email addresses: > > > Jkray > Carolyn L McCabeCarolyn L >>> >> Register and you can be a part of the Zoom call about the Quantum Financial system. Register right away. >> Carolyn L McCabe >> >> Begin forwarded message: >>


    1. Carolyn, please hear this word of advice. We have an expression…
      “A mind changed against its will, is of the same opinion still.”
      We don’t try to wake the asleep. Leave them alone and just be prepared to explain things to them when they do wake up. EVERYBODY will be awake soon. Our job is to not make them feel stupid.


  10. Thank you Amy and Steve, I was thrilled to know you were going to be able to zoom the event Saturday. However, I have never done a zoom before…(technically challenged baby boomers generation) 😆 Is there something I need to do in advance on my phone or laptop? Download an app to put the link in? Any help would be appreciated, I really wish I could have attended this! Maybe one day you could do an event in Florida, or anywhere on the east coast for that matter, that would be awesome. God’s Blessings to you both!!


    1. Hi there!
      Yes, you need to Download Zoom on either your phone or your laptop. It should be a simple process, but if not, you can look up a video on YouTube on “How to set up Zoom” , and I bet you can have a video right there to walk you through it. I hope you can get it all set up! Thank you for supporting the ministry!


  11. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your retreat but someday I am looking forward to meeting you and Steve. I am interested in the trip to Isreal if I can manage to raise some funds 🙂 I look forward to watching your videos everyday and you have taught me so much about the bible. Lots of love to you Kimberly Yackovich


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