The Next 3Rs Retreat!

The Next 3Rs Online Retreat is September 16th-18th!

There are several things that can hamper your ability to hear the Holy Spirit… Having a Soul Tie with someone other than who you are currently with right now, is a BIG one.

But guess what? The Bible gives us instructions on how to undo every Soul Tie from your past… no matter how long ago. If those ties have never been cut, they are still affecting you.

AND that’s just one example of what we’ll cover.

I want you to join me for my 3Rs Online Retreat September 16th, 17th & 18th. You can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Make the commitment to join me, and let’s get started fixing some things!
And please watch my latest “From the Heart”…

In His Grip,

For Information and Registration:

One thought on “The Next 3Rs Retreat!

  1. Would like to know if your daily broadcast could be posted earlier? I love seeing g it everyday,I just have to wait to very late to see it. Thanks

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